22 april 2015

Bought Oscar Doll eyes

I've been brooding a lot about what to do style-wise with my dolls to make them look very unique and like they belong to me. I haven't had much luck with that until a few days ago.

Once again I found myself looking through Taobao in search for something cool, when it hits me - I keep going to the pages showing cute and frilly stuff. I don't want my dolls to be child-like, but I must confess I'm a sucker for lolita/mori/victorianesque dresses. So I think - maybe I should use this as my style, but make my own take on it.

First, I decide that I want Oscar Doll eyes for all my dolls. I love how they look and sparkle, and it gives a nice and exciting feel to the dolls imo. I wanted colorful eyes, because the clothes I'll be making (yeah, hopefully this will go well and not be an eternal project) will all be more dusty/powder colors. So I thought it might make a cool contrast with sparkly colorful eyes ^^

I hope to be able to make clothes that can look well together with my White Rabbit Tristan's full set, as I'd really like for him to wear it actually. It's so detailed and cool. It would be a shame to just use it for special shoots.

For the fun of it, I've played around with Photoshop to 'try the eyes I've bought in the dolls I want them in'. So here you can see which eyes I've ordered:
The Loli Clown eyes for my Fitzwilliam because they are red-ish and look really nice ^^

 The Aqua Blue eyes for Freyah, because I think she looks amazing with blue/green eyes :D

And the Divine Excorcist eyes for Ophelia, because I've always thought she needed yellow/orange-ish eyes, and I really found these interesting. I've ordered these in 14mm, but I got her Dlight Oscar Doll eyes in 16mm, so I'm pretty excited to see how they'll actually look (obviously not as fake as here) XD

I've been communicating a lot with PW over the last few days because of these eyes. They told me that the Dandy Tristan sculpt use 14mm Oscar Doll eyes, and that open eyed dolls would use 16mm Oscar Doll eyes. Therefore I tried ordering Ophelia's eyes a size smaller than her Dlight eyes, because I'd like to think it will look more 'natural' size-wise. :)

I'm really happy that PW allowed me to get all these eyes send (free shipping!) together with Fitzwilliam once he is ready. That was really cool of them. I also bothered them with my store points, because their home page had somehow stopped counting my points a year ago or so. XD'
So I almost got a pair of eyes for free! :O

That is it for now. The Taobao order from December is finally in Denmark, but due to really sloppy customs work, it has still not been released. ^^"
But I will make sure to post about all the stuff I've received when I do ;D

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  1. I love Oscar eyes too :D I want a pair for my Minifee Ante, and in the future for my next MSDs. I can't wait to see the ones you bought! I think your dolls will definitely get a very "you" style :)

    1. They look so awesome! I love how they sparkly *___*
      Oh, your Ante will look super cute with OD eyes I'm sure :D
      Uhh! Already planning new MSDs? XD
      Hehe I'm so happy you think so. I do hope to give them all a very distinctive look that shows they are owned by me ;)

    2. Indeed :D
      Thanks! >w< I hope so!
      Yes :P I have a few other characters in that story line.
      I think they're gonna be awesome! :D

      When you added the eyes to your order, did you just buy them and pay for them, then got them added to the order or?
      I'm considering adding a pair to my order :D

    3. Haha awesome. Looking forward to hear more about your plans :)

      Well, I send them the links to the eyes I wanted including description with number of pairs and size. Then they calculated the prize and I paid it using PayPal. :)
      But I'm sure you can add eyes to your order if you want :)

  2. Gosh those eyes are so fancy and lovely! Initially I didn't even notice they were photoshopped in! Great job ~~ x3

    1. Yeah they are really cool and sparkly *___*

      Haha thank you. XD

  3. You had so many points in PW you broke their system XD!!!!!

    I think you chose gorgeous eyes for all of them and I'm sure you will do great with the clothes!
    Your plans sound great!

    1. Haha I did have quite a lot of points XD
      They said they'd never had that problem before, so maybe ;P

      Thank you so much for saying that ^^
      I'm happy you think so :D
      I'll try my best at making them look great *^^*

  4. I can't wait to see them with their sparkly eyes and neat faceups! :D Also with the clothes and stuff >w< so exciting!

    1. Wah! Thank you sweety! *^^* I look forward to showing it all to you guys :D

    2. Wah! Thank you sweety! *^^* I look forward to showing it all to you guys :D

  5. Totally love Oscar eyes!! I can't wait to see your dolls with those gorgeous eyes! It was indeed very kind of PW to let you add them to the order. Hope Fitzwilliam will arrive soon! :3

    1. Thank you! *^^*
      Yes, but PW are always super kind, so they'll usually let you add stuff unless your order is about to get shipped ;)
      Me too! He can come come to me now! :D