21 maj 2014

Recieved my newest Taobao order today

It actually only took 6 days for the package from Hong Kong to arrive. I'm pretty impressed ^^

The package was a bit battered, but the items was in super shape so that was nice.

I've only managed to take one picture that turned out ok...well, at least it's the best of them. I'll need to work on how to take pictures without making the wigs look all shiny and plastic like. The brown wig for Loki is really really soft and awesome, I just think I need to cut it a bit to make it a little shorter.
The uniforms look amazing and are really well done. I ended up turning Loki's uniform pants so that the fastening was in the back, because it made these weird folds in the front before. But I'm really happy with the look. ^^
The only annoying thing is, that SOMEONE has made little ball-pen marks on Lucy's skirt ;___;
So I'll need to figure out how to remove the ink from the fabric. >_<"

Oh! And I got a pair of black socks as a gift from the person who made the dresses :3 so nice.

P.S. yes, they are standing on a backdrop...but I just didn't figure out how to use it...maybe if I cleaned my room a bit I would actually have some space XD

19 maj 2014

Days passing by

I looked at my tracking number for my taobaotrends order, and it is currently in customs.
I hope they do not put on import fees, but who knows. I'm seriously broke for the rest of the month XD

This weekend I wanted to show my sisters (who are also into BJD) that white dress I was considering getting for Alice. But it turned out I've mislead people by saying it was from Amors, it's not. It turned out to be an Angel Studio dress.
I really like how it would show off a lot more of Alice's blue-grey skin than the brown dress she has now. It also fits the sort of fantasy world from which she comes. The only problem is, that it is very like a DollHeart dress I have for SD-sized dolls. So I'm not sure if I should go for it or find something that is not too much like stuff I've already had before. Idk I just think I like this type of dress XD

Hopefully - and I know I've promised this a thousand times before (well almost) - it'll be possible for me to start making faceups soon. My cuties really need their faceups. >____<"

14 maj 2014

Invasion of a tiny army

I went by the post office to pick up my new dolls today. The post...lady got a bit annoyed that I wanted my package without having gotten the letter from customs. But that was mainly because she had to remove a lot of huge parcels to get to mine :P

Here are the photos I took today:

I shall not comment a lot on these pictures, as I hope to be able to post more and better photos soon ^^
Now I will go to bed and dream sweet dreams of my lovely doll-collection ;D

13 maj 2014


I happened to ckeck the Track & Trace number for my dolls today, and it shows that I can collect them at the postoffice tomorrow!! YAY!
Normally, when it's a package with customs though, you get a note from the customs with the amount you have to pay, but I haven't received one so it's really lucky I checked the Track & Trace. So weird.

So hopefully I'll be making box-opening shoots tomorrow ^___^
Can't wait to actually see the sculpts irl. I'm just hoping I won't be too upset about the lack of two bodies XD

Oh, and Taobaotrends send me an email today to show that they have received my order:

The uniforms look perfect
They look really well made ^^
I'm not sure if this is the front of a backdrop, because I checked my order and I didn't order this one. But maybe it was a gift because I bought several others from the same seller? Idk XD

I payed for the shipping already, so I'm hoping I'll have the stuff by next week. Until then I'll just put one of the twins dresses on the body. ;)

08 maj 2014

Patience paid off

I'm so excited!!
This morning I got a (well 4 actually) mail from PW that they had shipped my new tinies :D
I hope to get them here without any trouble.
Usually it takes about 8-9 days for parcels from Korea to arrive here in Denmark, so I'm hoping I'll get them at the end of next week ^^

I'm still waiting on news on my most recent Taobao order, but I'll probably not get their faceups done right away anyway as exams are coming up and I'll be quite stressed out until mid-June ^^"

Another thing: I've fallen in love with an Amors dress on Taobao that I think would be just perfect for Alice...So I guess I'll need to try even harder to sell some stuff to be able to buy it for her soon. It's way better than her brown set, so I think I'll sell that one too. :)

03 maj 2014

New TaoBao order :D

So considering me not having bought any clothes for my incoming Loki and Lucy, I decided I would pay a visit to TaoBao to see if I could find something nice, and I did :D

I've always wanted Loki and Lucy to be wearing school uniforms when they meet Alice for the first time, so I found these really cute uniforms for tiny-sized dolls. I was going to buy them in the white-shirt-black-collar version, but ended up ordering the white-shirt-green-collar version in stead, as I think it would look even cuter. ^^

I've ordered the two uniforms exactly as shown here. Not sure if the socks comes with the set, otherwise I'll just find out. It's not so important atm.

I bought shoes to go with the school uniforms too. A pair og black Mary Janes for Lucy (duh) and a pair of black (formal) shoes for Loki.
 Very cheap and very nice-looking compared to the other shoes I saw.
I didn't want the same style for Lucy as the shoes for Annabelle and Nellie, that would be boring, so I bought these that I think are very cute.

I still needed a wig for Loki, so I found a brown wig with light stripes in it. I was actually going for a darker, more grey-ish, wig for him but I thought this one was better.
I wanted a wig that looked sort of 'messy' but maybe this is more 'princey'? XD

Actually I was also looking for some everyday wear for the two, but ended up deciding I could wait. I had to buy a new phone two days ago because I smashed my iPhone, so I needed to control my money-spending desire a bit. >_<"
BUT! I thought, why not add a few backdrops to the order as well, seeing as they are quite inexpensive. So I picked out three to begin with. They should be the cloth ones if I read the sites correctly (but who knows, I get TaoBao translated into Danish so I'm not really sure).
 A nice street-view
 A cute room
And a monotone background for anything and everything ^^

I just payed for the order and I hope there will be no 'sold out' stuff this time. ;)

02 maj 2014

Patience...so hard to have

I received answer from Peak's Woods yesterday about my order. Turns out it will probably be another two weeks before my FOFs will be shipped out.
In the meantime I guess I need to find some clothes and stuff for them, seeing as I've only clothes for the twins and Alice atm...so not fair as it is Lucy and Loki who will be the only ones arriving with a body XD
So yeah, I guess I'll be going through TaoBao this weekend.
I'm actually considering to look for another dress for Alice, as I think the one I have for her might not really fit her personality/my imaginative picture of her...but it's OK, I'll just look around if I can find anything better or not. ;P

Anyone has a favorite TaoBao seller/shop to recommend for tiny-sized clothes? ^^