02 maj 2014

Patience...so hard to have

I received answer from Peak's Woods yesterday about my order. Turns out it will probably be another two weeks before my FOFs will be shipped out.
In the meantime I guess I need to find some clothes and stuff for them, seeing as I've only clothes for the twins and Alice atm...so not fair as it is Lucy and Loki who will be the only ones arriving with a body XD
So yeah, I guess I'll be going through TaoBao this weekend.
I'm actually considering to look for another dress for Alice, as I think the one I have for her might not really fit her personality/my imaginative picture of her...but it's OK, I'll just look around if I can find anything better or not. ;P

Anyone has a favorite TaoBao seller/shop to recommend for tiny-sized clothes? ^^

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