13 maj 2014


I happened to ckeck the Track & Trace number for my dolls today, and it shows that I can collect them at the postoffice tomorrow!! YAY!
Normally, when it's a package with customs though, you get a note from the customs with the amount you have to pay, but I haven't received one so it's really lucky I checked the Track & Trace. So weird.

So hopefully I'll be making box-opening shoots tomorrow ^___^
Can't wait to actually see the sculpts irl. I'm just hoping I won't be too upset about the lack of two bodies XD

Oh, and Taobaotrends send me an email today to show that they have received my order:

The uniforms look perfect
They look really well made ^^
I'm not sure if this is the front of a backdrop, because I checked my order and I didn't order this one. But maybe it was a gift because I bought several others from the same seller? Idk XD

I payed for the shipping already, so I'm hoping I'll have the stuff by next week. Until then I'll just put one of the twins dresses on the body. ;)

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  1. Such cute outfits! You're gonna have to show them off on your new babies! :D

    1. Sure! I got the Track & Trace number from taobaotrends today, so hope I'll have the uniforms next week. I hope I'll soon be able to do some faceups as well, but honestly, these last two weeks of school are just very intense, so I might have to wait for when the exam period starts >_<"