03 maj 2014

New TaoBao order :D

So considering me not having bought any clothes for my incoming Loki and Lucy, I decided I would pay a visit to TaoBao to see if I could find something nice, and I did :D

I've always wanted Loki and Lucy to be wearing school uniforms when they meet Alice for the first time, so I found these really cute uniforms for tiny-sized dolls. I was going to buy them in the white-shirt-black-collar version, but ended up ordering the white-shirt-green-collar version in stead, as I think it would look even cuter. ^^

I've ordered the two uniforms exactly as shown here. Not sure if the socks comes with the set, otherwise I'll just find out. It's not so important atm.

I bought shoes to go with the school uniforms too. A pair og black Mary Janes for Lucy (duh) and a pair of black (formal) shoes for Loki.
 Very cheap and very nice-looking compared to the other shoes I saw.
I didn't want the same style for Lucy as the shoes for Annabelle and Nellie, that would be boring, so I bought these that I think are very cute.

I still needed a wig for Loki, so I found a brown wig with light stripes in it. I was actually going for a darker, more grey-ish, wig for him but I thought this one was better.
I wanted a wig that looked sort of 'messy' but maybe this is more 'princey'? XD

Actually I was also looking for some everyday wear for the two, but ended up deciding I could wait. I had to buy a new phone two days ago because I smashed my iPhone, so I needed to control my money-spending desire a bit. >_<"
BUT! I thought, why not add a few backdrops to the order as well, seeing as they are quite inexpensive. So I picked out three to begin with. They should be the cloth ones if I read the sites correctly (but who knows, I get TaoBao translated into Danish so I'm not really sure).
 A nice street-view
 A cute room
And a monotone background for anything and everything ^^

I just payed for the order and I hope there will be no 'sold out' stuff this time. ;)

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