21 maj 2014

Recieved my newest Taobao order today

It actually only took 6 days for the package from Hong Kong to arrive. I'm pretty impressed ^^

The package was a bit battered, but the items was in super shape so that was nice.

I've only managed to take one picture that turned out ok...well, at least it's the best of them. I'll need to work on how to take pictures without making the wigs look all shiny and plastic like. The brown wig for Loki is really really soft and awesome, I just think I need to cut it a bit to make it a little shorter.
The uniforms look amazing and are really well done. I ended up turning Loki's uniform pants so that the fastening was in the back, because it made these weird folds in the front before. But I'm really happy with the look. ^^
The only annoying thing is, that SOMEONE has made little ball-pen marks on Lucy's skirt ;___;
So I'll need to figure out how to remove the ink from the fabric. >_<"

Oh! And I got a pair of black socks as a gift from the person who made the dresses :3 so nice.

P.S. yes, they are standing on a backdrop...but I just didn't figure out how to use it...maybe if I cleaned my room a bit I would actually have some space XD

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