12 juni 2014

Examstress (x_x")

It's been too long since I last updated ;__;"

I'm currently having my exams for this semester, and they are really demanding most of my time atm. BUT! Tomorrow - after my 2nd out of my 3 exams - I will pass by my local art-store to get the last supplies I need to be able to start off doing all the faceups I need to get done.

A week ago I pulled out my airbrush and compressor, and it turns out the compressor is actually not as noisy as I remembered, so I will be able to use it inside without disturbing my neighbors. :D
That means - I'm (almost) ready to start doing faceups.

First up is my sister's tiny deer girl from Soom (sorry, can't remember the exact sculpt name).
It will be my first time trying to paint fantasy parts, so that is going to be exciting.
But seriously - fantasy parts are a pain in the b*t to clean! oO"

Then I need to finish at least one of my own, before going home to my parents house on Thursday next week. I don't know which one will be the first.

So I hope I'll be able to show off some dollies soon :D

Oh! And I've been nominated to do a shoe meme by Lise from Red Riding Hood - I promise I'll make it this weekend :D (I really need to do something else than just studying for the exam, and the dolls are just a perfect break from all the exam-stuff)

2 kommentarer:

  1. I hope your exams are going well! :)
    I look forward to seeing more of your face-ups. You're so talented.

    And yay, shoe meme! I'll look forward to it :D

  2. Thank you! So far my exams have gone very well. ^^

    I hope to be able to show my skills soon enough to be able to open for commissions from mid-July :D

    Yay! Shoes! I think I have more than I remember XD