14 juni 2014

Shoe meme

So, Lise tagged me to do this ;)

  • Take a pic of your doll shoe collection. You can picture all the sizes of shoes you have, even the ones that are handmade/commissioned and so on.
  • Answer the questions! They are only six, but you can add more if you are inspired to do so.
  • Tag friends so they can continue the meme. 

All of the doll shoes under my roof:
There are even still some shoes for SD dolls and a pair of 70cm boy shoes...I hope to sell them soon. XD

1. Which was your first pair of shoes?
I remember they where those white-with-black-'ribbon'-J-rock-style platform shoes. Back in my teenage years when I was totally J-rock fanatic and had just bought my first doll - a Luts CP Delf Shine

2. Which type of doll shoes do you prefer?
Cute shoes in nice colors or with prints. I really like the Mary Jane silhouette. I also really like if there is some cute detail like a ribbon or a charm or such ;3

3. Do you have any grail pair?
I'm not really the type who has grail stuff...but I would love being able to afford some DollHeart shoes again some time XD

4. Anything that bothers you regarding doll shoes?
Sometimes I'm really frustrated that I cannot buy the same shoes for myself...

5. Do you prefer boots or heels/flats?
It totally depends on the character. But I guess I like looking at heels - mostly if they are sort of artistic or out-of-the-ordinary. I guess that's also why it sometimes annoys me that I cannot get them for myself XD

6. Any anecdote regarding your shoes?
It said "brown" on the Taobao page where I ordered these, but they turned out pretty black when I got them. But I still think they look great and Alice has happily worn them since. These where the first shoe-purchase I did from Taobao, and I was pretty surprised about the quality compared with the price :D

I'd love to nominate someone to do this too, but the ones I know have already been nominated - so easy beeing me. XD

P.S. Today I've been battling my airbrush trying to figure it out. I tried mixing my own paint - using gauge, medium and water, but I think it got too thin. Then again, the airbrush acrylics I've bought turned out to be a little too thick - maybe because I use an airbrush with a very small needle size...idk, but I'm not giving up >_<"

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