14 december 2013

Spending all that money...why not spend some more!

As I wrote earlier, I ordered some stuff for Alice and the others.
My sister told me about Taobao a long time ago, but I didn't really have the energy to get acustomed to using an agent and stuff, so I never used it until a week or so ago. I found that Taobao has a lot of awesome stuff for BJDs and for a great price too, even with the agent fee.

So I made an order through Taobaotrends, which is really easy, and it took about two days and it was ordered. At the moment I am waiting for Taobaotrends to recieve the items and validate if they are as described. I'm really looking forward to see, how Taobaotrends are to deal with.

The order I made was with the following items:

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