17 december 2013

One tiny step closer :P

So, today I got an email from taobaotrends.com, that my order was ready to be shipped out as soon as I payed the shipping fee from Hong Kong. I'm so excited! The stuff I bought looks awesome. I think the eyes might look even better than on the promo-photo that I also used for an earlier post. Wee!!
Well, I hope I won't have to pay too much to customs to get the parcel when it arrives >_<"

So far I am really impressed with the service that taobaotrends.com provides, and am not the least hesitant to buying through them anytime again. I find myself looking at Taobao quite often at the moment...guess I'm really impacient to have my army of cuteness with me >_< I'll probably ruin myself before they are even shipped from Peak's Woods. Hehe

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  1. Svar
    1. That might be just the right diagnosis for me at the moment XD