02 januar 2014

Happy New Doll Year!! :D

Happy New Year!!

I've had a massive cold over the holidays, starting from the 23th December...yay....so I've been out cold...haha...

Anyway, I've constantly checked my email over the holidays, in hope to get a shipping notice from PW saying they've shipped Alice out...so far no luck, but in the FOF thread on DoA one or two people have already recieved their shipping notice, so I hope it is just a matter of days now. The latest on DoA to recieve shipping notice for a halloween event doll ordered hers with special makeup and stuff, so I hope mine is not that far behind as I ordered mine blank. >_<
I hate waiting... XD

I also payed my 2nd installment of my layaway on PW, and I just realized how long I'll have to wait to get my group together. oO" Ah well, I'll just have to practice some patience here...

So yeah, nothing much to tell at the moment...so I should probably just go back to studying for my exam next week. (Yeah, I'm procrastinating) ^^"

Oh right! Small update! I've sold my Luts Senior Delf Dahlia. I'm really happy that she found a new owner. ^^ So now I just need to find a new home for my AngelsDoll A-line 70cm Michael. Seems like AngelsDoll is out of business. I've heard rumors they will be back later this year with new stuff, but their site has been offline for almost a year now. :O

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