09 januar 2014

Flash Diffuser

I saw a post on I'm Catching Fireflies by Kass, about how to manipulate the in-build flash on your camera. I really found that very interesting and went to my local photo-store to ask if they new the trick. The clerk at the store showed me a special designed Flash Diffuser equipment made for cameras like mine (Nikon D3200). It was not so expensive and included 3 colors: white, blue and orange. You slide the holder piece onto top of the camera, and then attach whatever of the 3 colored diffusers. So easy and it gives an awesome effect! I'll be playing with the Flash Diffusers as soon as Alice is here (muha). :D

Actually, I went to the photo-store to look at objectives. Not that I can afford one, but I was on my way home from my (passed!!) exam, and did not have anything better to do anyway. The clerk recommended me to buy a NIKKOR 40mm f/2,8G Macro lens. It is a bit pricy, so I'll probably not be able to buy it for quite some time, but I actually told him I wanted to photograph dolls and he was all "you can just bring a doll and your camera, then you can try the lens before you decide". That could be quite fun XD

So yeah, I can definitely recommend using Flash Diffusers. ^__^

2 kommentarer:

  1. Woo, I hope you'll remember to show the Flash Diffusers, I'm quite interested! :D
    Did you get a shipping notice for Alice already?

    Objectives can be so expensive, but I bet they're worth it!
    How cool that the clerk wasn't weirded out when you mentioned dolls. :P

  2. Yeah! I will. ^^

    Alice is hopefully with me tomorrow or Tuesday. She was shipped on January 10th, but arrived in DK 6 days later...so slow XD
    Lucky for me, the customs seem to have been satisfied with the information that is in the package, as they only had her for 1 day and I have not received any demands on additional information. So I really hope to get that note thingy that says I can pick her up tomorrow. ^^

    Objectives are very expensive. I will only buy this one if I cannot get a decent result without XD
    But yeah, the clerk was not at all weirded out when I told him about my dolls. XD