05 januar 2014

Consepts on The Crew

Yesterday I used www.dreamself.me to create the consepts of the 5 dolls I am waiting for.
You can see the pics under the 'The Crew' tab in the top of this blog.

I've search a lot for a doll creator that had both male and female stuff, AND was full body. But I saw the cute avatars Akatsuki from fushitebjd.blogspot.com had made, and wanted to use that creator to make my own. It has been really helpfull to make the avatars, since I've become more at peace with how my dolls should look and be and stuff. So the avatars are quite close to the ideas I have in my head on how my dolls will actually look. ^^

The story is far from finished, not even really begun, but I will probably write on it more seriously when I get Alice home. I think she will be a really big inspiration for me to write the story properly.

A girl on DoA has already recieved her Alice, so I hope it'll not be long before I hold my own. The color looks lighter on her (the DoA member) pictures than on the PW promotion pics, but it looks really nice anyway.

4 kommentarer:

  1. I just found your blog! :D Great seeing more Danes blogging about dolls.

    I love Dreamself! I think the avatars are so cute and the fact that you can make boys is great.
    Your characters looks so adorable. I can't wait to see their resin form. :)
    And what a beautiful choice of name for Annabelle :P I have a character named Annabelle too.

  2. Wai!!! Welcome! :D

    I got so inspired by you, Chazzi and Anne doing such awesome blogs, so I wanted to do one too ^__^

    Dreamself is great. It was the only creator that had all I needed to create all my dolls as avatars. :)

    What, you have a doll named Annabelle? :O
    How could that have escaped my knowledge? >_______<"
    I had thought about giving the twin girls flowery names at first, but then I came up with Annabelle and Nellie. But well, my compliments to you on your fine taste in names too ;P

    1. Thanks :D

      It's really wonderful to see you blogging. It's a whole other kind of community we have here than places like Resin Garden and Den of Angels. It's much more normal to talk about pointless details.

      I'm very addicted to this doll maker (It's NSFW): http://pochi.x.fc2.com/k_kisekae2.html
      But Dreamself is great in way too. I just love doll makers. Haha. :P

      She's not home anymore. I had her as a MSD, but decided to reshell my smaller dolls as SDs and never got around to buy her again, though she's on my wishlist (I want an Iplehouse Eva for her and she's gonna be expensive!)
      Annabelle and Nellie is cute as twin names! :)

    2. Yeah I like that you don't have to stick to a specific topic, you can just babble away as you please. XD
      The pointless details are the best!! :D

      Haha yeah that doll maker is NSFW alright. But it's cute anyway. ^^

      Oh, I see. Eva is a lovely sculpt, but so are all Iplehouse creations ;)