22 januar 2014

Examples of the Flash Diffusers ;)

I promised Lise to show the effects of the Flash Diffusers I mentioned buying on the 9th of January.
The pictures are from yesterday when I played around with Alice, but I need to do a bit cleaning in my room before I can give Alice her faceup, so this is it for now.

Normal flash

White diffuser

Yellow diffuser

Blue diffuser

The less natural light there is, the more clear yellow or blue the motif becomes. On the first picture with the blue diffuser, the sandy color of the dress' shirt shines better through the blue - if that makes sense. It's really a great tool to play with. I like how it's not like a filter you just put on top of the picture, but it's more integrated I think. ^^
The white diffuser gives the picture a more warm feeling in my opinion. Here in Denmark, we have a very cold and clear light so it is normally only in the summer we get a chance at warm light. I think I will be using this diffuser most ;P

3 kommentarer:

  1. Thanks a lot for the pictures! It looks really great. :) I don't know an awful lot about taking pictures, but it looks like something that could be used interestingly.

  2. No problem. ^^
    I'm no expert myself on taking pictures, but the more I take, the more I understand. So it's a lot learning by doing XD
    But yeah, I think I will use the diffusers whenever I feel I need something extra on the pictures ^^

  3. I actually also have a set of these diffusers, but I don't think I have ever used them since I bought them. xD I'm a much bigger fan of natural light, even though it can be very difficult in these cloudy and dark days in Denmark. x_x I should start experimenting with artificial light sometime soon. xD