21 januar 2014

FINALLY!! The day came when I could go get Alice home from the post office.

YES! Today it happened! My note from customs told me I could go pick Alice up from the local Post Office. Today it is exactly 120 days since I ordered her, so that was a pretty long wait. I think I almost grew a beard. >_<"

Anyway, I was really surprised that the Danish customs only wanted me to pay around $38 for her, I thought I would need to cough up the triple of that sum. Phew so this months budget is saved! XD

Any anyway...I went and picked up the package and it was SO smaller and lighter than I am used to. She is my first doll under 58cm, so I was really surprised that I could easily carry her around and stuff. So nice. ^^
When I got home I immediately grabbed my camera and started documenting the box opening:

I was so excited about the resin color, and it is just as I thought, so I'm really really glad! She was totally worth the wait!
The clothes from Taobao is a bit big, but it looks really cute on her I think. The hat is sliding down at times though, but I should be able to fix that somehow, and if not, the set is just as cute without the hat ;P
I really like the eyes. I think they will really be awesome once I get her faceup done ^^
I might also want to get some brown socks for her...the white ones were the best of the three pairs I have, but I think brown ones would be better. XD
I've just been in happy-happy land all day because she is so perfect :3

3 kommentarer:

  1. Congrats again :D
    I'm very happy to hear how satisfied you are with your new girl! She's absolutely precious. :3
    I can't wait to see the face-up you're gonna give her. I think you're very talented!
    (If you're ever starting doing commissions, please let me know!)

  2. Thank you Lise! :')
    I'm really overwhelmed with how happy I am about finally having her home. I really think I made the right decision in getting tinies. The size is so handy and I just feel like I have a lot more ideas for posing and stuff. XD
    Aw you are too nice! I'm really happy and humbled if you would think I could do commission. I've been thinking about offering commissions when I get used to my airbrush, so maybe in the spring ;)
    I do hope though, that I will not have to wait 4 months for my next dolls XD

  3. Aw, she is just too adorable! I didn't even know that Peak's Woods offered grey skin colour. :p
    Congrats on getting her home. :D I'll be looking forward to see her face-upped.