03 januar 2014

Package recieved from Taobao

The stuff from Taobao has reached my home, and I was thrilled to find most of the items even better than the sales pictures shown.

First off the dress for Alice is just amazing! It's just as it looks on the photos, just even more awesome in reality. The bow on the hat might need some extra stitching, but that's nothing. All in all I am really positively surprised by the quality considering the price. I only payed 188 yuan for the whole set of shirt, skirt, cape, hat and neckt-frill-thing so that has really been a bargain. So I'd have no worries buying from Odd Aristocratic again someday. ^^

The brown boots turned out to be black, but that is not really a problem, seeing as I will definitely use them anyway. They are very nice despite being black in stead of brown XD
I also bought a pair of white Mary Janes with pink 'ribbons'. On the sales pics the ribbons seem baby pink, but they turned out to be much more pink pink....as in shocking pink. But they are very cute, and I think they helped me determine, that Nellie will wear baby pink, and Lucy will like pink pink. Oh to have two girls who like pink. But it was nice to get it sorted out so that I know more about what sort of clothes to buy for them.

The glass eyes are much more colorful than on the sales pic which is really nice. I'm so excited to see how the will look on Alice. They seem much prettier in real life than on the sales pics. :D

Last but not least the socks. They are much better sown than shown on the sales pics. They seem like better quality than on those pics. I don't know who will wear which socks, but it's nice to already have a selection.

My conclusion, after having looked through all the stuff in the parcel was, that I shall soon order from Taobao again, and that Taobaotrends really does a great job. :)

Now I just need to find som cute, matching school uniforms for Lucy and Loki, and a pretty lolita-ish dress in babypink and babyblue for Nellie and Annabelle. It's not easy because I'm very picky.

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