02 marts 2014

Quick update

Oh nooo..... it's been a while since I last wrote. School started, and I got quite busy, but hopefully I'll be more active now.
Just some quick news as I am going to bed in a minute: I've paid my last payment on my Peak's Woods layaway. I'm so excited! Hope I won't have to wait too long before they are shipped.
I sort of got a bit stressed at the fact the dollies (most of them) are 'on their way', so I kind of made this huge order at Taobaotrends for almost all the stuff I need for the new ones. I'm bad I know. Hope I have enough money for the rest of the month. XD
But now I can sleep at night :P Knowing they will not have to be butt naked when they come home :3
I'm still looking for the right wig for Loki, and still need to buy the shoes and uniforms for both Loki and Lucy, but other than that should be in the order I just made. Hope the eyes look just as awesome as on the pictures (I'll show what I ordered in the next post, when I have heard from Taobaotrends that they are able to order it all). ^^
I've actually ordered different eyes for Nellie and Annabelle. And their dresses will be different colors, but the same design. I was very in doubt about what to get for those two, as I imagined that it had to be pink and blue, but I've ordered dresses in purple and pink. Though it's another color for Annabelle, I'm sure she'll look awesome in purple. I've also ordered shoes that (hopefully) match the colors of the dresses pretty well. But I promise I'll post exactly what I've ordered and for whom in my next post. ;)

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  1. I can't wait to see your new Peak's Wood darlings! :3 I can't stop looking at Peak's Wood's website, ever since I noticed how lovely a Goldie is. I want her so bad! Haha.
    I hope you won't have to wait too much for your Taobao order.
    If a doll gets home and is bald, eyeless and naked, I almost always loose interest in them, so I understand why you felt like, you needed those things. :(
    It's gonna be wonderful to see you small ones all finished! :D

  2. Awww thank you so much Lise <3
    I'll make sure to spam photos everywhere once I receive my little crew ^^
    And I totally understand you! Goldie is just an incredibly beautiful sculpt. I tend to linger on her promo-avatar every time I go on PW's site as well. So pretty. :D
    Yeah, I suddenly felt like 'Oh no! They'll be here soon and I have nothing for them to wear' :O
    But even though it was kind of an impulse order, I really feel like I ordered things that fits my idea of who they are and what they look like. ^^
    I still need a few things like shoes and uniforms though, but at the same time, I need the last two bodies as well, so it'll be hard to prioritize the money >_<"
    I should just find a job...