08 marts 2014

Had to order other eyes

Yeah, in the end, Taobaotrends had to inform me, that the seller from whom I wanted the previous posted eyes, was all out of stock. ;_;
So I had to find new eyes, and that was quite annoying. >_<

But I like what I found, it was a bit different than what I had in mind, but if I'm not satisfied when I get them home, I'll just buy some others.
Anyways, forget about the previous posted eyes, these will be the eyes I receive:

These turquoise glass eyes for Lucy
(I'm pretty sure they are the same as the ones I would have ordered anyway, so thats nice)

Green-grey glass eyes for Annabelle and Nellie
(I wanted them to have different types of pale green, but I couldn't find any I thought matched well with these, and I think these look really nice)

These pale brown-grey-pink-ish glass eyes will be for Loki
(originally, he was supposed to have grey eyes, but I liked that these were warmer and I think they'll look super nice on a boy)

So, now I'm looking forward to finally getting an email from Taobaotrends, saying they've received it all, and that it looks awesome ^_~

2 kommentarer:

  1. Too bad you couldn't get the stuff you wanted in the first place, but the new eyes you've bought looks really great! :)
    I hope you'll receive it soon and without custom fees! :D

  2. It was annoying at first yes, but I also think these will be fine too so I'm not concerned :D
    Thank you! I hope they get here fast and without custom fees as well (my last order did, yay!), but i'm not really in a hurry now as I've seen that I'll probably not see my new ones before sometime in May or June >_<
    It seems like the production time for PW's dolls have gone up to about 2-3 months :/
    But because they are extremely perfetionistis when casting their dolls, I'm content with the wait (not really, but I get why it takes so long) xD