03 marts 2014

The Taobao order

I promised to post what I actually ordered from Taobao, so here it is:

 2 pairs of these cute white socks for Annabelle and Nellie

5 pairs of panties

A pink and a purple pair of shoes for Annabelle and Nellie

Two different pair of green glass eyes for Annabelle and Nellie

Grey glass eyes for Loki
Blue glass eyes for Lucy
(I did go after blue eyes with black pupils, but I fell in love with these, so I couldn't help myself)
Cute, blond bob styled wig for Lucy
(It was important to me, that the bob cut did not just look like a round blob on her head, but that it looked like an actual haircut)
I ended up buying 2 of these wigs for Annabelle and Nellie
(Originally I had planned on more fluffy-curly types of wigs, but this one was really cute so I decided to give it a try)

And finally I bought these two dresses for Annabelle and Nellie
As I wrote previously, I had imagined Annabelle in blue/mint colors, but these dresses fitted the idea I have of the girls much better than any pink & blue dresses (I needed the same dress in two different colors, so it was hard to decide on which to buy). I've gotten quite used to the idea of Annabelle wearing purple already. And maybe it makes it a little more 'twin'-like XD
(The hats and necklaces are included as well)

So yeah, this was a big order. I hope it will get past the customs once it is shipped, but I'm really looking forward to seeing the stuff IRL. Hope the standards are as my previous Taobao order. ^^

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