18 marts 2014

All 'dat stuff ~

Ealier today I recieved an email from Taobaotrends about the stuff I'm waiting for, and as usual they send med photos of it.

It looks as though the pink dress is more of an orange tone than pink when compared to the pink shoes on the right. I guess I'll have to wait to determine how the real colors are, but I think I will just find some orange or white shoes in stead if the dress turns out to be less pink than promised ;P
I expect that there are chances of color differences when I order from places like Taobao, so I'll just wait and see. Maybe it can work or maybe it can't, we'll see ^^
They took some pictures of the eyes, and they look really good, but other than that, even I will have to wait. No teasers for me on the wigs and stuff, just the eyes. xD

They told me they would ship it as soon as I payed for shipping, so I hope to have all of this lovely stuff in my possession soon ;D (it usually takes about 8-10 days to ship stuff from Asia to Denmark, so it's not so bad)

Edit: Oh!! For the fun of it - and because I wanna know. If anyone has ideas for what to do about shoes, if the pink dress turns out to be orange, please let me know! :D
I don't think I've seen orange shoes for tinies, so it would be really helpful if someone has any ideas and might want to share a link ^^ Maybe the shoes don't even have to be orange then?

2 kommentarer:

  1. Sorry to hear that the colour wasn't as expected - but the dresses still look very cute. :D
    I don't really remember seeing any orange shoes for tinies either, but I think white would work just fine. White works with everything. xD

  2. Hehe so true. ;D
    I can probably find the same shoes in white anyway. ^^)b