12 marts 2014

Som pictures...

As I was just cleaning my BJD image folders, I found these two photos I took for the monthly competition on Resin Garden - the Danish BJD community's main forum.
It was for the January theme - "out of darkness"

 "I'll pay you back for this"

The first picture was my entry picture. As Alice did not (and still don't) have a faceup, I chose a picture that focussed more on her bitemarks in stead of her face, and named the picture "I'll pay you back for this" .

2 kommentarer:

  1. It's some really cool pictures! It's funny how rarely people take pictures of face-upless dolls. o:

  2. Thank you very much <3

    I think it might be because most people don't really know how to use face-upless dolls in pictures. You hardly see them outside box-opening threads and such.
    I took her eyes out on these pictures to make her more 'doll-like' and 'empty'. Sometimes face-upless dolls looks a little scary with their eyes in ^^"