29 september 2014

One White Rabbit coming up!

I did it!!! I'm both ecstatic and horrified at the same time! XDD'
Of cause, in the end, I decided I needed the White Rabbit (not Rabbit Goon as I earlier thought ;P). He is actually Dandy Tristan, but with other skin colour options than just the normal normal or white skin.
This time PW offered full sets, so off I went and got him in the blue-grey skin tone I love so and the full set which is über cute!! ^^ Only thing that did not come with the full set was the boots, which are unfortunately sold out from DollHeart...maybe I'll find some similar on Taobao ;D
The eyes where not sold via PW's page as well, so I'll have too look for some on Taobao as well. I really love the resin eyes PW sells, but I don't know if I would pay that much for a couple of eyes that might yellow - I tend to magically make all non-glass eyes yellow...TT__TT
And I also didn't get him with a faceup seeing as I've already spend SO much money on awesome faceup materials, so I should really do those myself. I also like to change the dolls faceups from time to time anyway, so I guess I just felt the $80 would be too much when I can do one myself for free - though not as awesome as Nornan's (one of PW's new faceup artists), but at least I'm getting to a point where I think it's decent. XD
I sort of jumped in right away and ordered him on a looong layaway, because I got afraid when I read that the full sets would be limited and might sell out quickly, and I wanted the full set so badly I just put him in the basket before I even had the money...I'm beginning to question my own sanity. Hehe
BUT! I do feel very satisfied, and I feel like these three (White Rabbit and my two Dlights) are the dolls I need for now. Since the Dandy boys came out in May, I've been deeply in love with the Tristan sculpt, and I was really sad that I had decided on not having SD-sized dolls anymore. But that promise didn't last long, for as soon as I saw the Dlight sculpt I was IN LOVE!! And as soon as I had ordered those lovely ladies, I was already thinking about giving them a male companion. Somehow I decided I only need one male...? So suntan Dlight - I'm sorry, but for now you will be without a man ;__; I'm so cruel (no, I'm being dictated by my wallet XD)
I looked through some of the Dollism NY pictures to make out the skin tones, and I think my diamond grey Dlight will look perfect in the arms of my blue-grey White Rabbit *___*
I like the idea that they are not totally the same colour, for that would make it a little too unified I think XD
But aw! I can't wait to get them all home and just go insane over their beauty >_<~<3

I'll also try to do a faceup this coming weekend. My weekend blues this past weekend - where I had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO - resulted in me lying in my bed all the time drooling over PW promo pictures, chatting with the awesome people in the PW FOC discussion thread on DoA, and watching Twin Peaks on Netflix. XDD'
I was a real couch potato >____<"

Here are a mini version of PW's White Rabbit promo pics:

He is know as His Royal Hotness aka Count R. H. von Rabbit atm <3

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  1. I'm super happy about you getting him. He's so very cool :D Is he the same colour as Little Alice? PW's colours confuse me.

    Can't wait to see your dolls when they arrive (loooong time from now). The Dlights aren't fullsets then? I thought they were.

    1. YAY! I'm really excited as well!! It's so awesome <3
      Yes, he is the same blue-grey as Alice ^^ I LOVE THAT COLOUR!
      Hehe yeah, they have had quite a few different colours now XD

      I hope I'll be able to pay them off sooner. That would be really awesome. But no, the Dlights was not offered as full sets unfortunately >_< But then again...it would have ruined me XDD'

    2. Yay! I really like Alice's colour too. Honestly I was not expecting you to be the one to buy the "fantasy" colours. But I love it :D

      Yeah, I get that. Layaway are sooo frustratingly long! Will PW make the dolls so they are ready to ship when you pay them off? Or will they first make them when you have paid them off.

    3. Haha yeah, I wouldn't have guessed it either. But now I'm really into the 'other' skin colour idea XDD
      I had told myself when I bought Alice, that she would be the only 'other', but that didn't hold long ^^"

      Hehe so true. Wish I had a money tree. >__<
      I think they make the dolls after you make the last payment. That is OK by me actually, because they are so few workers, it's fair that they do not cast the layaway dolls right away. ^^