02 september 2014

Alice shoot

A little later than promised. I didn't get to take any photos of Alice this weekend, but have in stead taken some with my phone this evening.
And yes, it's my computer in the background...sorry about that, but I didn't have the energy to set up a backdrop XD
I'll hopefully get to take some better photos of her soon, but here is a few pics to show off her new dress ;)
with flash

without flash

I still need to figure out how to secure the headband to her wig, as I don't like the look when I tie it under her hair - it makes the wig look weird.
I'm also considering sewing some pink pearls and stuff on the dress...to make it more pink and cute XD
The white makes her look so clean, so I think adding pink peals etc. would soften the look a little ^^
I'm actually also considering if the shoes are good enough...I'm just not sure if there are any better ones out there? >_<"

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