27 august 2014

Package well recieved

I went to collect my package from Taobaotrends yesterday at the local post office. There was a ridiculous line when I got there, so I had to wait about 20 min. before it was my turn. No fun. XD
While I was waiting I heard the post-lady tell at least two customers that their packages were lost and that she was putting a missing note in the system...I got pretty nervous when it finally got to my turn. But after a lot of search around the little postoffice, she finally found my package - many nervous thoughts later. XD

The Angel Studio dress is ADORABLE!! The ONLY 'annoying' thing about it is, that the collar-thingy covers one of the bite-marks, but that I can live with. But really, it looks great! I need to find out how to put the headpiece on properly though, so I must do a bit of training there to get it right. AND I might (or well Alice might) be in dire need of new shoes XD I gave her the white ones with pink ribbon on, and it's just like they're not quite right together with the dress...oh dear. But for now it's OK. It's just a little something that bothers me a teeny tiny bit...

The shoes for Nellie will be great I think - but I haven't tried them on yet...I'm such a lazy owner ;D
Buuuuutt...as I also received three awesome new brushes, I'll try to do some face ups this weekend ^____^ I'm really excited to see how they are to work with. I really hope I can make those awesome fine lines you see on pro face ups *__*~<3

The last stuff in the package were the eyelashes! They look nice, but very different from the ones I've known so far. They are like sown together like a long string with eyelashes out one side. But I think they might be easier to put on the dolls, so that will be interesting to try XD
The eyelashes I put on Alice seems to be sticking on really well. I took inspiration for the application of her eyelashes from a thread on DoA that showed a really nice way to do it, as well as the YouTube videos by Andreja (Nicolle's Dream) ;)

Pics of Alice in her new dress will come in this weekend ^____^

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