18 august 2014

Soooo sloooow!! XD

I'm just sitting and waiting for the result from PW...they said they would make it public today, but they still haven't, and I think the time is around 21:00 O'clock now in Korea...
It's not fair to let us wait XD

This weekend I've caught myself enjoying the idea of actually buying both types of Dlight...both the Wake-up (Diamond Grey skin tone) and the Open eyed (Suntan skin tone). >_<"
I'll just wait and see...must resist buying right away. XD

The great thing about PW limited dolls is, that they will produce for all who order in the limited order period. Not just make like 10 of each and then it's first come, first serve. That would be horrible ^^"
But I'm starting to think collecting PW dolls has become an obsession for me XD
When I'm an old lady I'll have a whole house full of PW dolls (o_O")

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