15 december 2014

I've SOOOOOO looked forward to this day *_____________*

Today was the day when I finally got to click the 'pay'-button on my last layaway installment for my two Dlights!!
Can you believe it?
Hehe :3

Just look at this!! :D
Am I the only one getting SO satisfied watching a payed layaway?? ...OK, so I'm a little 'high' that I could pay off this layaway half a year before I'd estimated. XD
But I'm just really happy! Seeing all these incoming Dlights just made me realize I wanted to make sure I'll have mine before my birthday in March...so I dug in my wallet and made the last payment today. I guess I have to eat pasta from now until I go home to mum and dad for Christmas ;P

Haha...well, that will be it for this time. I'm sorry I haven't posted any faceup stuff yet, but I need to wipe the ones I did (the learning curve for airbrushing is slightly hill'y XD). Not sure if I'll have the time to redo some of the faceups before going home for Christmas, but otherwise It'll be up right after. I really REALLY enjoy this technique so I DO promise faceup spam as soon as possible <3

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  1. I am soooooo excited for you! It was the best news today when you wrote me. Yaaaay :D I'm dancing around with you..!
    I'm so excited to see your girls when you get them <3

    1. Thank you so much dearest *__*
      Wee *dances around* <3
      Yeah! Will be so awesome when we can play together with all three Dlights XD

  2. I'm glad to read your trying face ups with the airbrush! I don't know the different between that and msc so I don't know how much you have to adjust, but it was so scary for me to start with an airbrush XD! But now I like it :) make sure you spray from a nice distance. Spraying to close can wet the ead to much or leave marks. I've had to wipe off heads that were still blank because I sealed too close x.x...

    And congrats!! huge hugeeeee congrats for you!!!! I like to stare at my completed layaways when I'm finally done too XDDD I know the feeling~
    I can't wait to see your Dlight *u*!!!!

    1. Haha yep, I already did just that XD sprayed too close and got spots of medium all over my girls's faces. Uuups. But I have great fun playing around with it. I think my only problem is how my gun gets super sticky because of the medium. Might need some airbrushcleaner or something. ;)
      But I just LOVE how great pastels come out with this method. It looks so much better than on MSC because of the extra tooth in the medium. Its so cool! ^^ I'm so thankful you convinced me to try this out dear! <3

      THANK YOU! :D
      I'm happy I'm not the only one. Hehe
      Wee, I can't wait to show them off XD

    2. P.S. I do clean my gun...I just uses the same alcohol as I use for removing faceups. But I'm not sure if I think it's effective enough. ;)

    3. Ummm you could try airbrush cleaner then, I use that. I clean it after every layer of seal (just put some distilled water or cleaner in the cup and try to remove anything from the walls of the cup, then I spray the airbrush with some cleaner or water.
      After I finished using the airbrush for the day I separate all the pieces and clean it throughfully, or your sealant will stuck at the next day for sure.
      You can also dilute the medium more if needed. It's supposed to have the consistency of skim milk or something like that.

    4. Yeah, I might need some airbrush cleaner...I'm starting to think that maybe the alcohol I'm using is just not enough. I'll get some acetone tomorrow and try that. I had the happy mistake of scratching one of my tinies face....I hope it's just stubborn medium, not her RESIN Q___Q"

  3. AHHH, congrats! :D
    I feel almost as excited as you do. :P But I'm so excited to see your girls :3

    1. Thank you dear Lise *___*~<3
      I'm happy you look forward to seeing them as well *^^*