07 januar 2015

Happy New Year! How 2014 went and my plans for 2015!

I've been a little busy with the holiday and work, so this is the first time I've had time to write stuff on my blog.

To start with, I'd like to review my doll year of 2014.
I just took what I posted on RG. XD

I expect a very exciting 2014. I'll be receiving a small army of tinies from Peak's Woods. First my v.f. Lady Alice in blue-grey, then the next 4 tinies (2 whole, 2 heads) will join me. Those are the characters I've planned, and I really don't hope PW has huge plans on releasing new limited tinies this year, as I wouldn't be able to stop myself.
Haha I must admit I laughed at myself when I red this old post. XD
I did get all my tinies, and I love them very much, but it seems I got too tempted by another sort of limited editions in the end ;P

To fully equip all my 5 tinies incl. eyes and wigs.

Well, I did do that to my great satisfaction. I'm just sorry I haven't really been able to take photos. :(

To buy backdrops if I can find any that fits what I have in mind.

 I did get 3 backdrops...But I haven't really used them much >_<" They are awesome though! :D

Get a lot of faceups done on both mine and others' dolls.

I didn't really do many faceups. Only one that I kept and that was the one I did for Alice. :/ I had two of my sisters dolls laying around here to get faceups...and I haven't done a single one yet. And after my sister visited me for New Years Eve, I now have even more of her dolls staying for faceups XD'

Practice using my airbrush.

I did actually do this in the last few months of 2014. I feel a lot more confident now than before, but I still have a lot to learn ^^ I really love using my airbrush, and I hope I'll get better and better :D

Finish my sisters tiny Soom doe-girl and her Pipos Cheshire Cat.

Well, as mentioned before...I didn't do this ;__;" I hope I can make it up to her.

So those where the plans I had for 2014. Some I did, some I didn't. I really feel bad about not having done my sisters dolls. But I live in a dorm and don't want to poison my friends with MSC, so hopefully - now that I have gotten the Liquitex stuff - I'll be doing a lot of faceups from now on. ^^ *hope hope*

So! On to my plans for 2015 :D
Seeing as I completely ditched my "only tinies from now on" policy mid-way through 2014 and now have 3 SD-sized dolls coming home, I guess I need to do something for those too. ;)

Have money for customs
Especially for my Dlight girls - two at once will be expensive @__@

Pay off my layaway for my PW White Rabbit boy
Can't wait to welcome His Royal Hotness >/////<

Paint ALL my dolls - AND all my sisters dolls
Seriously! No slacking this year! >__<

Buy shoes, wigs, eyes and a little clothes for all my incoming dolls.
I've already ordered some, but I'll post about it in my next post ;)

Get better at photographing my dolls
I'd really love to be better at making those awesome dreamy shots that I admire others can do *__*

Keep doing this blog
Because I love it and it's so much fun ^^

6 kommentarer:

  1. Nice goals!!! I have to admit I laugh so much when I read your "only tinies" from last year XD

    I kept all my dolls blanks for over a year before I started painting them, it's awful! So I hope you get to paint yours and your sister dolls soon. I'm sure that once you paint one the rest will come easy! That was what happened to me last year, in the span of 2 months or so I did many face ups: I painted my supia rosy and then my ex dollshe saint, both face plates TWICE, and my Onyx 2 times too, and Serafina 1 and a half (the first attempt was wiped before I finished it). Plus some attempts on my hidious practice head and some blushing (horns, feet, resin shoes, scorpion tail, etc).

    I hope to see more of your dolls this year, and see you using those backdrops, I need some backdrops myself, but none tempt me so far.

    And of course, I wish you keep writing in this blog because it's always a good day when I get to read something from you :)

  2. Thank you! Haha yeah, it's so fun how fast I got beaten by my love for the SD size XD
    I'm so bad at keeping my promises to myself. ^^"

    Yeah, I really hope I will be able to do it. But from February I'll have more time on my hands, so I hope to spend more time on my dolls from February to do the stuff I want/need to. ^^

    Thank you! I'll try to take lots of more photos. I feel so bad about not having taken that many of my tinies >_<"
    The backdrops I have are really cute and pink-ish. XD
    I've only ever used one for the PW photo competition in August. But it was really fun to use :D

    Aw! That comment just made my day <3 Thank you so much. I can only say I feel just the same about reading the stuff you post *^^*

  3. I must have to admit, I've laughed a bit aoout your SDs too. :P
    But I think it's awesome your getting back into bigger dolls.

    And it's completely understandable that you're behind on face-ups. There's a lot of factors that can slow down such a project >_<

    But I hope you'll get to sharing more pics of your cuties! :D

    1. Hehe yeah, it's so stupid how I was SO sure I'd stick with the tinies, and just half a year later I went and ordered two SD-sized girls at once...so much for that resolution XD

      Yeah, my own perfectionism is annoying sometimes. If I find something I don't like while in the process of doing a faceup, I almost always just wipe it all of in annoyance >__<

      But yeah, I PROMISE I'll share more pics this year. ^^

  4. Sounds like a solid list of plans! :3 Been lurking on your blog for a while, and I can't wait to see your realise some of the next ones! Specially the faceup part on all of them dolls, but your faceups turn out pretty gorgeous, so no doubt these will too!
    Good luck with the bjd plans xD

    1. Oh! Yay! Welcome to my blog *^^*
      I'm so flattered >/////<~<3

      I too, am anxious to see what I'll do with my incoming girls. Hopefully they'll be as pretty as I imagine them XD
      Thank you for your kind words! It makes me very happy and motivated ^^