10 januar 2015

New order from Taobao

As promised, here is what I have on the way from Taobao.
My sister Johanne told me she would make a Taobao order at the end of December, so I quickly asked her if I could join since I don't really have anything for when my new girls arrive.

So, here is what I've ordered:
 These beautiful shoes I just had to have! I've even asked my sister to make a dress for one of my dolls that can match these shoes. Just knew I had to have them XD
 This wig for Freyah...but I don't know if it is a good enough quality ^^"
 This wig for Ophelia...I bought some different ones as I have a hard time deciding hairstyles. Especially for Ophelia...I don't know what colors will look good on her. XD
 This dress was a given for Freyah. It's so lovely.
 I decided to order two of these, to make school uniforms for my girls. I kept returning to this dress, so in the end I just sort of found an excuse to buy it ;P
 One set of black underwear for one of the girls.
 White stilettos with white lace to go with Freyah's dress...hopefully :D
 The first of many necklaces XD
 Another set of underwear for the girls - but as I don't know which set will go to which girl...
 I ordered two of these hair ornaments. One in this violet color and one in yellow.
 Two doll stands...because I've always wanted some in SD-size ;)
 Another necklace
 Blue glass eyes for Freyah
 This necklace as well XD
 I thought these would do super well as 'school-uniform shoes', so two pairs of these.
 These awesome fishnet overknees *__*
 This cute bob-cut wig for Ophelia
 I think I ordered this one in a more brown nuance for Ophelia...XD
 And I think I ordered this one in blond for Freyah...I might be surprised in this order *too lazy to log into taobaotrends to check* XD
 One pair of black kneehighs
 This pretty blue dress for Ophelia
These awesome glass eyes for Ophelia.

I ordered another pair of shoes for Ophelia, but they were out of stock, so I've asked my sister to include another pair of shoes. I can't have my girls get jealous of each other from day one XD

Hopefully some of the wigs will work and give me a better idea of what they will end up wearing. I don't want them to only have one wig. I'd really like for both my girls to have different wigs in different styles to make fun photo-stories :D

6 kommentarer:

  1. So many lovely items :D Can't wait to see all of it irl!

    1. Thank you! Yeah, me neither. Hope I'll get it home before my girls arrive though x__X"

  2. Great shopping!! I loved the cream dress and all the shoes !!!
    Pretty necklaces too~ the last one looks like the one I made for my supia Rosy, only shorter, it's really pretty, maybe I'll make a shorter version of it too X)!!! Hope you don't mind :D?
    I can't wait to see your girls all dressed up!

    1. I'm really looking forward to seeing it all on my girls too *___*
      Hehe no, of cause I wouldn't mind. I'm just envious you can make it yourself XD
      You must post a picture of your lovely Supia wearing it then ;)

  3. Iiih, all of the things look really really neat :D Can't wait to see your girls all styled up and what not, specially all those pretty wigs and dresses, iih <3
    I can feel that I'll probably need to order some clothes home for my incoming MSD's too, I have one set of clothes that I got with my Alk that'll fit, but no shoes no nothing. *3* I hope you get the things soon! :3 Both the stuff and the girls!

    1. Thank you very much. How nice of you *^^*
      Do tell if you need help finding stuff for your incoming dollies ;D