31 januar 2015

Random rambles

I got a nice load of money from all the work I've been doing for the last month. Yay!
First thing I wanted to spend some money on was paying off a huge chunk on my White Rabbit layaway. So now I only need to pay $220 to be done with it. He is expensive XD
I hope I never want a doll this expensive again >__<"

Oh, and another news is; I've just spent a ridiculous amount of money on new faceup supplies :D
Yaaay!! I've been wanting to buy Rembrandt soft pastels for half a year now, and finally I had the money. I had planned to buy a set of 60 half sticks for around 600DKK (~$97) from a Danish supply store...but Danish prices are always way more expensive than anywhere else. So I tried googling if I might find the set of pastels on a british site (less expensive - no import taxes). And I did! I found www.jacksonsart.com where I could even get free shipping to my country if I bought for more than £100 (~$150), This site offered a set with 90 half sticks for £51 (~$77) so I could get more pastels for less money.

Just shows how overpriced stuff is here in DK. -__-" I'd love to support local stores, but the extra money is just too much.
Anyway, I ordered the set with 90 half sticks (its probably way more than I'll be needing, but it nice to have such a large range of colors to play around with ^^), 7 different Princeton brushes and 4 different Golden fluid acrylic colors. So I'm really excited and hope I'll have it all by the end of next week so I can do my sisters cute MSD head :3

But yeah...Its not even the 1st of February and I've already spent a lot of money XD

6 kommentarer:

  1. It is indeed ridiculously expensive in Denmark :(
    But the pastel box you ended up buying looks so cool :D We have a huge box of Faber-Castell pencils. It's so awesome :3
    I'll look forward to seeing more face-ups from you soon :D

    1. Yeah! I've only heard nice things about Rembrandt pastels, so I'm really excited to try them ^^
      Nice! Faber Catel pencils are great too ^^
      I'll be sure to post lots of pictures of what I do then :D

  2. That is so neat! :D So close to be done with your Rabbit, and also what a box of pastels! Can't wait to see what you'll do :) I also got a hold of Faber Castell soft pastels not too long ago, and they're pretty good, so far, even if I still suck at applying it haha XD
    So many pretty colors you'll get :D That'll make for some pretty cool faceups I can imagine

    1. Thank you dear! *^^*
      I'm also very excited to see how I'm getting closer to having my White Rabbit played off. :D
      And yes, these pastels look so vibrant and there are so many colors. I hope they will help me get better (at least help me want to practice more XD)
      I haven't worked with Faber Castel pastels myself, only their pencils, but I think they are of nice quality. Yeah, one must simply practice a lot. I also find it very helpful to study other people's work and all the awesome tutorials on DoA ^^

  3. Great suplies you got there! I have the 60 rembrndt pastels box and they are amazing~ though I keep coming back to the same colors over and over again XD
    And I hope you finish your white rabbit soon, I want to star seeing doll pics :D but I can't blame you for not posting, I haven't either x.x.........
    Have a great week!

    1. Oh, awesome! Now I'm even more looking forward to receiving all my new stuff *__*
      Yeah! I want to play with him soon XD
      Hehe aw, but when you post I enjoy it very much <3
      You too! Hope you will have a great week as well *^^*