06 februar 2015

Shipping notice!

Yay! I'm so happy! I got my shipping notice for my two FoC girls today *____________*

I was SO surprised really. They said when I payed the last payment, that it would take them 2-3 months to produce them. In the end it didn't even take them 2 months :O

I'm receiving stuff for my girls from Taobao, but it will not be in my hands before another 2 weeks, so its all very bad timed. Especially since I don't really have any money for the horrible import tax. >___<"

Well, now I'm just dead scared that something should happen to my lovely girls while they are being shipped x____x" I'd hate to open the boxes and find something is broken :/ That is my biggest fear in this hobby >__< buuh

Oh! And I also got the shipping notice for the face up stuff I bought from Britain. I wrote to their customer service on Wednesday, to ask how long it would take them to ship my order as I found it a little strange that I hadn't heard from them at that time at all. They replied later that day that it took them two work days to process an order, which in itself was odd, as it was already the 3rd work day at that point. <__<"
So I waited and then wrote again today...an hour later I got my shipping noticed so that was fine. I had of cause hoped to have received it all by this weekend, but that is not going to happen.
I did get a message from their customer service an hour ago, and they apologized the delay. But I am a bit disappointed that they didn't keep me up on track themselves, and not that I should have to write and inquire if something is happening on the other end. :/
Anyway, it's being send now so I'm just happy I don't need to think much about it anymore. ^^

Hopefully I'll still be able to get my sisters MSD-sized girl painted before I visit my parents later this month ^^"

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  1. Yaaay, congrats! I'm excited to see you new girls :3
    Hopefully you'll get your face-up stuff soon >_<

    1. Thank you ❤! I'm also super excited to see them *__*
      Yeah, I hope so too. >__<

  2. Wow It seems PW sent both of our boxes today! Let's see who gets theirs first XD I'm sure you will win because here is always so slow ;_; though Ailene got ehre suepr fast so you never now.
    Congrats!! I already want to see them, are you planning on posting their box openings? I hope you do :D
    Hope you get the clothes and face up supplies soon~

    1. Haha yeah! I just checked the shipping and tracked the flight number...they are currently flying over China :D
      I hope customs are merciful on them x___x"
      Hopefully your new cutie will also come fast :)
      Thank you! Yeah, me too! I want them nooow >__< I've waited for them for so many months now XD
      Of cause I'll do a boxopening shoot <3 even though I have only a very few things I can put on them (THANK you Johanne, for letting me borrow some of your SD-sized stuff!). Hehe but I'll be sure to share it all with you guys ^^

  3. congratulations :D
    so looking forward to seeing them ;)

    great to hear your faceup stuff finally got sent, thought their customer service wasn't the best :/

    1. Thank you! <3
      Yeah, me too. Soon now, I hope. *__*

      True, their customer service is not very impressive. ^^"
      But yay! Finally getting all the stuff :D

  4. Ooh, congrats on the shipping notice! I can't wait to see how those beautiful girls will turn out in your hands. :D
    I'm so forgetful, what skin colours did you buy them in? ^^

    1. Thank you so much *^^* I hope I can make them as beautiful as I'd like. :D
      Hehe np, I bought my wake up Dlight in the LE diamond grey, and my open eyed Dlight in the LE suntan. So not very creative - the exact same versions as in PW's promo pictures XD

    2. Ah yeah, that's right. So exciting!! :D
      Haha, I know that problem! Sometimes I see for example a skit and want to match it with the exact some top and cardigan as in the promo pictures. xD

  5. A bit belated, but congratulations with the shipping notice and that you finally got the faceup stuff coming in :D

    1. Thank you! I haven't heard anything from the faceup stuff, but my girls have arrived at customs ×___×" hope they are not going to rip me. XD