19 februar 2015

Finally!!! A happy ending to a looong wait

Today I finally got to go pic up my girls at the post office!
They arrived in Denmark over a week ago, but customs have been soooo slow with everything. I got really angry in the end XD
But fortunately I got to pic them up after work today, so I got happy again ;P

So all in all I've been waiting for my girls for....6,5 months :O
Buuuut! I assure you they were well worth the wait *_______________________________*

Aaaaand I did a box opening for you guys to see :D

 I'm so sorry for having bruises on my small fat hands XD I had to run for the bus the other day...and sort of tripped like a little kid ^^" So yeah, I hope you can ignore it XD

 Meet Ophelia *______* my diamond gray beauty <3

 And here we have the lovely suntan lady Freyah <3

 Can I just rant about how GORGEOUS the PW resin is? No matter what color, it looks absolutely perfect!!!

Yeah...uhm....this was sort of all I had that I could throw on the poor girls XD
Freyah got the lovely DollHeart dress, while Ophelia is rocking some clothes I've borrowed from my younger sister Johanne (Thank you <3)
I really like the eyes and the wigs that were sent with the girls. Especially the black wig on Ophelia. It's awesome quality and very silky and nice. ^^
I'm playing with the idea of styling it, I think it could be quite awesome actually :D

Gah! I just LOVE my girls *_________* I'm SOOO happy I decided to get them both. And those colors are just so amazing irl. ;___;~<3

9 kommentarer:

  1. Congratulations on finally getting them home :)
    They both look gorgous, so does the resin.
    Looking forward to seeing them in real life ;)

    1. Thank you! Finally is an understatement ;D
      I'm sure you will love them even more when you see them irl ;)
      Well, you get to see Ophelia this weekend ^^

    2. Looking forward to seeing her and to see how her resin color is.

      (remember to have space enough so you can get my PW FOF Rabbit Waltz and LR Seven head with you home, so they can get a faceup ;) )

  2. Congrats!! :D
    I think I have a feeling how excited you must be :3 It's so wonderful you finally have your girlies home.
    They're both so lovely. I hope I can see them irl someday. *o*

    1. Thank yooou~<3
      Yeah, it's sort of surreal now, that I actually have them home and I can touch them *_____________*
      Of cause you will! Definitly! :D I don't know if I can bring them both to the Århus meet, but I'll try and see if I can ;)

  3. They are STUNNING!!!! such gorgeous skin colors, I love Pw so much :D!
    I'm so glad you got them home safe, and it didn't took that much longer than my package~

    1. I do tooo!! <3
      PW just has that extra something ;D
      Yeah, it was a horrible wait XD But I'm so happy to have them home and safe now *^^*

  4. Ohhh, I love these bare resin pics. They are both so lovely and PW's colors seem so perfect! I can't wait to see them when they're all finished ~

    1. Thank you! *^^*
      I love to look at blank resin as well when it's odd colors :)
      Not only are colors perfect, the quality of the resin is amazing as well!
      I hope I have some time soon so that I can do their faceups XD busy me ^^"