01 marts 2015

Almost done paying off my Tristan boy

I decided not to pay my Dandy Tristan off fully this month, and in stead wait to finish the layaway until next month....I need to get some new clothes, so I can't really justify spending all my money on a doll just now. XD' I'm horrible...but I don't want to walk around butt naked. Hehe

But it is cool to see that my layaway for my Dandy Tristan is coming to an end as well. I've been a very patient woman so far. ;P
I don't even have any idea of what I'll get for him, as my mind have been so full of my new ladies. XD
At the same time, I need to confess that school life has been taking up most of my free time the last month, so I don't get to do much on the faceup front >_<"
I'm really looking forward to next weekend where I should be able to hopefully do something other than school work. ^^"

6 kommentarer:

  1. It's so exciting about your Tristan! But I think it was a wise decision to not pay him off. It's important to spend money on yourself too. <3

    And you'll get to do face-ups soon again, I'm sure :D

    1. Me too!! Especially after seeing all the owner pics that are starting to show up *^^*
      But yeah, I really need to prioritize myself sometimes too XD

      Thank you <3 I'm SO busy with school and homework right now, I don't feel like I'm doing much else atm. ^^"

  2. Exciting that you will soon have paid off for your Tristan. :)

    1. Jep. But I still have no idea what to get for him...so now I'm considering cutting the last $100 in two and wait a bit to finish the layaway completely. I seriously feel like I have no freetime to think of him right now...my poor girls as well. Gah! x___x"

  3. nice, so you will pay him off next month? that's nothing compared to what you have waited so far!!!
    I haven't done any face ups either, and that's okay, life happens to everyone :D!!!
    But I hope I get to see some of your work soon :D

    1. Next month, or I'll divide the last $100 in two. ;P
      Hehe it's going to be around the same waiting time as my girls actually. But I don't mind. I don't have much planned for him for now, so I'm not in a rush.
      Yeah, life is never predictable. XD
      I hope I can show you some faceups soon *^^* Thank you for always encouraging me <3