16 marts 2015

Interview with Alice

Got tagged by Michelle to do this interview thing :D
(I've been tagged to do more, but I'll do those a little later this week ;P)

What is your name?
Alice Dé Dràcûl

What is your nationality/ethnicity?
I'm from The Republic of Transylvania in Rhëamorà

When were you born/how old are you?
I was born in year 239 of the 12th Astral Moon which makes me....bearly 234

What is your race (human/angel/demon/etc)?
I'm a Dràcûl'là - I think you guys call it vampire or something

Are you single or taken? Who is your lover/crush?
I'm single...I'll be engaged when I turn 600 years old as per tradition ^^

Are you straight/bi/trans/etc?
Uhm....straight? oO"

Favorite hobby?
Reading magic and history books *____*

Favorite food and drink?
I guess you expect me to say blood or something - let me make something clear! Dràcûl'là do NOT drink blood! What a gross thing to do. x___x"
I like this stuff called pizza though! :D
And orange juice <3

Do you have a job?
I'm assistant to the royal magician back in Rhëamorà

What is your favorite animal?
Cats! Cats are so capable at magic *^^*

What is your bad habit?
I tend to talk to myself when I'm very focused on doing magic. But Elder Rhàhmon does it all the time, so I guess it's a magician thing?

What is your favorite hangout?
The royal library!

Do you have a favorite holiday?
The Winter Celebration - I guess it can be compared to a mix of your Christmas and New Year celebrations...just also including a lot of magic ^^

Dolls (from other families) you'd like to meet?
Well, I'm always happy when I get to see uncle Hamlet! He is a zombie, and is super brilliant! He would be a great warlock indeed! :D

Would you briefly tell us your background?
Sure. I'm the only daughter of the president of The Republic of Transylvania. As I am one of the most intelligent people in Transylvania, I was asked to assist Elder Rhàhmon after he got sick. I've alwalys liked to read, so I didn't mind...even though my father thought I was a bit young to be an assistant. Now I've been sent to this realm to find fierce humans to help us fight the evil witches of the West. Humans - you know - are famous through a lot of the realms for being the most fierce of beings, so the council thought we could use some for the war. Therefore, I'll be bringing back with me Lucy, Loki, Annabelle and Nellie as they are all I can carry ^^"

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  1. Yay for Alice! It was so great to read :3 She's a very interesting character!

    1. Thank you *^^*
      I'I'll be doing the interview for Freyah as soon as she has her faceup ;D

  2. These character interviews are so fun to read! It was great to find out more about this girl, she really seems like an interesting character :3

    1. I like doing things like this because I also have to find out things about my dolls ;)
      Thank you! Be careful though...I still need to do two interviews and tag dolls I want to read about. Hehe you might end up having to do a few yourself ;D

  3. That was really neat to read :D Thanks for answering it! Alice seems so cool >v<

  4. Really nice to read! I've heard a bit about her story before but not so much. Now I'm thinking "bring me the book!" I want to read all about her life both back home and here in the human realm.

    Uncle Hamlet is always happy to see his little lady. He told me to tell you, that he's sorry he almost made Alice fall this weekend.

    1. Hehe yeah, I haven't revealed much about her history until now XD
      Oh, I need to write a book? Haha I might...for you ;P

      Aww! He is so considerate ^^ I'm sure Alice didn't even notice. XD

  5. Alice is my favorite vampire ever!!!! Ailene wants to invite her for some pizza and orange juice :D!!!
    I loved the interview *u*........... nice answers!

    I'll try to do it this week :D I thought I was safe from this interview game ahahaha XD not because I didnd't like it, just because I've been feeling so lazy lol........ but this is great, now I have something to write :)

    1. Thank you! <3 I'm sure Alice would absolutely love hanging out with Ailene *^^*

      Yay! I'm really looking forward to reading your interview :D
      Sometimes it's nice to get inspiration as to what to write next if you've run into a block ^^
      Can't wait :)