25 januar 2015

And here I go again...

Here I was, thinking I was out of danger until PW sculptor Kyung Min Lee is recovered...it turnes out I've developed a HUGE crush on Ringdoll's Lucifer Style C ;__;~<3

But just look at hiiiiiim~

I've always liked Ringdoll. They are very interesting and brave and have their own very destinct style. But I was so taken aback by the Style C Lucifer. He looks awesome. XD

It all began when I 'accidentally' started writing a little on the story for my SD-sized dollies. I had my mind set on Freyah not getting a guy for a long time, because I've had difficulty defining what type of guy she'd be interested in...turns out that guy is a tall 'stranger' she meets at a ball while trying to dodge her parents and their usual attempt to find her a fiance.
Since I bought Freyah, I've thought she should have a tan man (lol), but I fear it would be pretty difficult to make those two types of tan go well together because of their hue. So for now I'm considering getting him in normal skin. ;P

Hehe it's kind of crazy really...buying him as a full set will still be easier than one of my two PW girls XD so I want to try buying a full set for the first time. I've never gotten a doll I could just take out of the box from the start and play with it without having to get clothes, faceup and everything else. I'd like to try that. ^^

So yeah...this has been what I've been filling my mind with over the last many days...though I did have my final exam this Thursday, so I now have an AP in Computer Science ;D

Hope to get news about the Taobao order with my sisters soon...I hope it arrives before my girls XD

6 kommentarer:

  1. We låååååve Ringdoll :D It's one of my top 3 doll companies :D
    I'm very excited to see your girl get a man...

    1. They are awesome! I love how they create their own unique concepts. ^^
      Haha yeah! Now I don't have to feel ashamed when I get her. Now I can reassure her I found her a guy ;P

  2. Ringdoll makes gorgeous dolls!!! I hope you can get him, he's so handsome and perfect for any pw girl *u*

    1. Yeah! And they are not afraid to try something new (like Frankenstein, Mona or the Werewolf head) ^^
      Aw thank you! ^0^~<3
      I'm happy you think they will look good together :)

  3. Uuuh, gorgeous guy! Can't wait to see when you get him, if you do, they'll make a beautiful couple!

    1. Hehe me neither! And I'm about 99% certain he'll end up at my place. XD
      Hopefully this year *__*
      Thank you! I'm happy to hear you think so <3