19 maj 2015


I've come to the conclusion that I have to search for new homes for my normal skin tinies :/
For so long I've been trying to give them faceups and such, but I'm honestly just more interested in bigger dolls ;__;"
I feel so sorry for them, they've just been laying blank around all the time I've had them, so I've finally decided to focus on my bigger dolls and let all my small ones go except Alice.
Inspiration has not come to me for my small ones, even though I had a story for them. I just don't bond that well with child-like dolls I guess >__<"

So, now I'm hoping to finish some faceups for them, so that I can try to sell them. (It's me trying to make it up to them a little ^^")
I hope some nice people out there is in need of these gorgeous PW tinies. :)

Also, after deciding to focus on the bigger dollies, I wanted them to have a theme/shared story. The other night I had this really vivid dream about my dolls (NEVER happened before XD), where they were this cool crew.
I asked my awesome friend (Anne) for help, because she has an awesome collection and is super good with this stuff. <3
She wanted to know my plan, so I told her and she told me to go with it ;D
(Anne! I'll probably need you to cheer for me sometimes, because I'm afraid I'll have to make most of the clothes and stuff myself ;__;")
Anyways, the idea is pretty inspired by my all time favorite game; Final Fantasy IX.
My dollies are a bunch of outlaws who are traveling from city to city on their bad ass airship (pirate-ish). When they land in a city they pose as a traveling circus-ish troupe where they all have their different acts. By doing this they can get a lot of nice information about who is the big-shots in each city, and who they should target and rob (yeah, they are not all good). But somehow they always end up getting involved with suspicious incidents and stuff, making them sort of the anti-hero types. XD'

I haven't really thought much about the story or anything, but I think it would be super inspiring to work with this ^^
Lawrence (don't have a name for him yet, so I just call him his sculpt name for now) will be the leader/captain - 'cus LAWRENCE!! X'D sorry
Freyah and Ophelia will be his trusty assassin girls - I guess Lawrence saved them from the gangsters who had trained them and made them kill people. These girls are super loyal to Lawrence (obsessed?? ö_Ô) and will do anything for him. Their circus act is knife-throwing at each other XD
Not sure what Fitzie will be, I was thinking magician, but somehow he is just too grumpy looking X'D maybe a clown? No, that's cruel. Hehe
Then there is also Hunky Dory (no name ready for her yet either ^^") - I'm also at a loss with her...but I'll find something out for her. >:D
You guys have ideas for roles for Fitz and H.D.? :D

Would be so cool to make an in-scale model of their airship for them *________________*
I'm kind of thinking I'll use the Oscar Doll eyes I've ordered for their circus outfits ;D that way it's not a waste that I bought them XD' I'm so bad ;__;")/

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  1. Ohh I can't believe what I read O.O!!! but well, it happens, I know it has happoened to me with dolls as well!!! I wish I had money to adpt all your PW tinies XD! but alas, I'm super broke. Good luck with the sales though :D!

    PS: I love final fantasy IX :)

    1. Hehe yeah, it's crazy I know. But I also have to be realistic :)
      Aw I would have loved to see you adopt them ^^ but it will take some time before I'm done with the faceups XD maybe you'll have money by then ;P
      But thank you though! <3

      Omg! Awesome! It's such an awesome game *___* I've bought it for PS3 just so I could play it again XD

  2. It's a bit sad about your small ones, but your plans sound so exciting :D I love the idea!

    1. Yeah, I think it's sad too, but I just do not have the inspiration for them anymore ;__; poor babes ❤ I'm sure someone out there would be thrilled to own them and give them the attention they deserve :)

      Haha you need to read Anne's comment! She just exploded XD I love her ideas! 💖

  3. Go Go Go! I'll be your cheerleader for this new development :D

    I totally understand the trouble with YoSDs - the size and the fact that they look like children really limits me. I only have one YoSD left and she's been packed away for 1-2years.

    I think the story is pretty cool :D
    I've never played FF9, but the pictures you've showed me got me hooked. I've been trying to remember an anime I once watched - Sol Biance. It's been a while since I saw it but it was about a group of five female pirates on the Sol Bianca, a starship with a higher level of technology. I can't remember much about the series though.

    Because I can't stay out of your story I have a few suggestions for you :P Hope you don't mind :D

    Freyah and Ophelia could instead be acrobats and preform shows of balance, agility, motor coordination, and martial arts. They are agile like snakes, and when the group goes out to steal they usually break into the houses first, as they can get in through even the smallest open window (like Jackie Chan). As they are very good in gymnastics, martial arts and the likes, they use their bodies as weapons, and can strangle a man with their thighs.

    Fitz could be a juggler then. Throw balls and knifes in the show but also as his weapon. He has knives of a special metal so hard his knives can get stuck in stone, which means Freyah or Ophelia could use his knives as a ladder to reach a high window.

    Hunky Dory could be a circus princess / line dacing (is it called that in English?) / trapeze artist. She can almost fly in the air because her dresses are her own design. They allow her to glide in the air. As such she can jump from one building to the next even with a great distance.
    I think her weapon should be either a big, big gun or a very thin but very strong piece of string so she can strangle people easily. I imagine her jumping off building like the Assassin's Creed thingy Mette plays, and the enemies are either dead or out cold before she touches her feet on the ground.

    Lawrence as the leader is also the most public figure. He always has to wear a big smile in public to lure in customers. He presents the acts in the show but does not himself do any shows. He's a pickpocket and just can't help himself.
    Being a pretty man he can charm the bourgeoisie ladies and sometimes get invited for dinners or parties. He is very bright and charms the ladies while he steals their jewellery. He decides which houses to rob based on what he can learn from the ladies but also based on the rumours he hears around their acts as well as what he learns from the dinners and parties he attends.

    All of them can either kill the enemies or just make them unconscious while they steal.

    1. *Scoops up chin from floor*
      Anne! You are official my co-writer/story-writing senpai 😍
      I LOOOVE your ideas! They are right in my spirit (lol, directly translated)
      OMG! I'm thrilled! Whoop! We'll do this! *____* I want to make it nooooow XD
      No really, thank you so much! My imagination is sparkling now ^_______^~❤

    2. Haha, I'm glad you like my ideas :D I hope you can use them but of course you don't have to.

      I'm very hooked by your universe so I can't help myself :P
      My imagination has a tendency to run a bit wild.

      Slowly more people can be introduced into the story/group as you get more dolls :P

      I'm very excited about your characters and your new universe.

      Oh, and we definitely need to make an in-scale model of their airship if we can also make an in-scale model of a ship for Nathaniel/Morgan (though I would prefer to have two at least...)

    3. Haha Anne I love how you dream big (3 ships? OK!) XD

      No, but really, I'm so happy you have so many awesome ideas! It's so much fun to incorporate your ideas! :D Keep it comming! XD

      Yeah! That was also sort of the smart thing - this story lets be introduce new dolls once in a while ;D
      So practical XD

      Aw! I'm so happy you are excited ^^ me too! And we'll make those in-scale models when we move in together again ;D
      OMG! Katja just has to get into the BJD hobby again, otherwise we'll drive her nuts XD

    4. I always like to dream big :D

      I will let you know when I have more ideas for you :D

      Yes! It's incredibly smart like that :P

      Weee! Will have to share a room then, I think and use the other room as our workshop (spelled it workship first hahaha).
      Haha, yes! We'll either drive her nuts or drive her to fall in love with the hobby all over again :D

    5. Haha I'm really looking forward to working on this *^^*

  4. I know how you feel about the smaller dolls, I feel pretty much the same ^^; Still I have a bunch of them and can't really imagine selling any, since they're kids of my bigger dolls... And I do love them, even though they don't get as much attention ^^ Hope your tinies will find good homes!!

    Your story plan sounds awesome! *3* Lawrence as the captain hmmmm~~ A huge airship would be gorgeous indeed, but maybe a bit impossible? XD Instead you could try looking for a backdrop that has an airship? I can't remember if I've seen one, there's such a huge selection available!

    1. Yeah, I follow you there. They are super cute, and I still think they are awesome, I just don't really have inspiration for them ^^" but I'll keep little Alice, she is super special :)

      Yay! Thank you ^^
      I think Lawrence wil be super lovely...need to buy some PU ;)
      Haha oh, nothing is impossible >:D I shall build an in-scale airship! (Or I'll ask my dad to do it when he retires ;P)
      But yeah, I'll be looking for backdrops as well :)

  5. Sometimes you just figure it out afterwards that some of the dolls don't fit in your family, and that's a-okay :D

    But DAMN your story sounds so amazingly awesome and I love the outfits from Final Fantasy, so I can't wait to see what you come up with!! ; u ; The whole concept of outlaws and fighting and circuses just goes straight up my alley, so I'll be following this closely haha xD

    1. Thank you dear! You are so right :)

      Aw, yay! Hope you'll stick around for it then *^^*
      Final Fantasy is just amazing. They've made so many awesome designs :D love their universes ❤

    2. I most definitely will! :D Do you have any certain characterdesigns that you're gonna take inspiration from? :D

    3. Hehe yay! *^^*
      Hmm...no, I think it's actually more the scenery and the airships and such that I'll be most inspired by. And the clothes, but probably more the later FF games for those (more details). I really like the dynamic-ness (?) of the characters from FF9, so I hope I can incorporate that feeling into my own character group :)
      There'll not be anthros or such in my crew, and it's not going to be in the FF9 univers, just something that looks like it ^^
      But darn is that the best game I've ever played XD I just loooove the story, the characters, the setting/universe...it's the perfect RPG imo *___*

  6. Aww, I understand your feelings! I had several tries with tinies / minis but it never worked out despite them being so cute!

    I think the story seems so interesting, and I love the FFIX world. Let's just hope each city won't get destroyed after their visit like what seemed to happen in FFIX XDDD

    1. Thank you. They ARE super cute, just not my thing really ^^;

      Yay! I'm happy you think so! :D
      Haha yeah, let's hope it will not end up like that X'D