14 juni 2015

Long time no news

I've been having exams over the past few weeks, and have my last one this coming Wednesday.
But, after three weeks of exam studying, I just really need some holiday soon >_<"
Only a few days to go :D

Anyway...news on the dolly front.
I got Iplehouse to add the new and deliciously detailed hands for EID men to my EID Lawrence order - along with som gun/sword hands. So yay for more hand options ^^)/
I've also joined a Luts GO on DoA for a gun and some daggers.
Aaaaaaand.....Iplehouse will be releasing a new EID man (Crow) in their Carved Heritage series next week...and I'm actually thinking if I should get him (I'm crazy, I know). I'm really excited to see what clothes he'll come with. So far I LOVE the doll. He looks very handsome *__* Not that I really have a character for him or anything, and I only thought of buying him to get his clothes if I can use them, but the doll looks really handsome and is supposedly modeled to look like a famous male model. ;D
I'm still unsure about it, because I can't afford him X'D but I've talked one of my sisters into being my partner in crime if I decide to go with it ;P

Sooo....I think that is it for now.
I'll be back to update when Crow's pictures are up. XD'

6 kommentarer:

  1. Hope you're exams went well and best of luck on your last one! ^w^

    Fufufu I'm excited to find out what you'll think of Crow after the rest of the pics >3< He seems very handsome based on the little teasers, though I'm personally only thrilled about his outfit!

    1. Aw thank you dear! I'll do what I can *^^*

      Haha yeah, me too. XD
      I'm also super interested in the clothes. Pretty sure the clothes will be the deciding factor, pretty face or not. Because I didn't plan on another boy XD I had actually promised myself a grey Bianca first...but she will have to wait if I get Crow ^^"

  2. I also like Crow :3 He looks very interesting. Sadly, EID is way too huge for my dollie crew ^__^ But I do hope you'll buy him. Haha.

    1. Haha XD
      Yeah, I haven't even received my first EID man, but am already contemplating another ^^"

  3. Nice, I love optional hands!

    Did you decided about crow yet? :D

    1. Well, I sort of need a little help from my sister if I'll have any chance of getting him. XD And I'm still convincing her