16 juli 2015

Box opening of Ludwig - IH Lawrence

The cropping and everything of the photos took longer than expected, so I'm sorry I couldn't post these yesterday.
But without further ado, let's look at Real Skin Lawrence *__* Can I just say I'm in love!! 

 Big box - and Anne's Iphone :D

 Anne told me it would be easier to open the box from the bottom, because of the huge customs slip on the top. So clever! XD'
I always loose my head when I get to open up a new doll ^^"

 The box in the box! :D
Everything is so HUGE! <3

 The contends - and my sexy fat bum ;D

 Bubblewrap be gone!

 Yay! I love how it has the sticker on :D

 Foam! A new experience for me XD'

 Oh yes! Lots of stuff from Iplehouse
I finally got one of those famous foam-men :D

 The gun/sword hands I ordered with him - I also got the new EID man hands...only to realize that they send my Lawrence with both the new EID feet and hands...so I need to try sell the extra pair >_<"

 Uhh!! A lovely guy is emerging *__*

 Dat body! *Slips in drool*

 Maybe you can see on the picture, the strain on my hand for carrying this HUGE and very HEAVY man! OMG he is heavy! I have to get used to him not being a feather like my PWs XD'
It must be all those muscles <3


 He came with cracked acrylic eyes...and I don't have anything else for him atm, so cracked acrylic eyes for now poor thing ^^"
I love the texture of the resin - it's sort of 'rough' and skin-like *__*

 Playing with his joints...

 the wig I got him - it's OK, but it keeps falling into his eyes

 And the temporary clothes. I just didn't want him to arrive and be butt naked for who knows how long xD

 Ludwig and some of his new friends :D
I let my grey Dlight stay at my parents, so it's tan Dlight, my new Tristan (look at him being all sassy in that dress) and Anne's gorgeous new Cyborg Bianca *__*

 There is quite the height difference, but I don't mind as it will work for my story ^^

 Oh mister sassy, rocking that dress like a diva XD

And the last one, just for fun. ;D
The girls seem to be a little weirded out by Fitzie, but he sure doesn't let such things get to him. Ludwig is just being gorgeous in the front *^^*

I like how Ludwig's and Freyah's tans work very well together. They are close, but not at all a match. But both are sort of dusty sand-ish tans. *___* yay!

My next post will include photos of Fitzie in his new clothes and with the gorgeous Oscar Doll eyes. They are awesome!! :D

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  1. He's so handsome, congrats!! Loved seeing box opening of him :)
    Iple's acrylic eyes don't seem to be that good quality, I think all of my Iple girls arrived with cracked eyes ^^;

    1. Aw thanks dear *^^*
      I'm glad you did :)
      Yeah, idk how they could get so cracked. But maybe because they come attached and with doll clay as fixture. Doll clay can ruin acrylic eyes. :/ I'd prefer they just put them in the box, and not the head really. It's a nice gesture that they attach them, but if the eyes are broken when you receive your doll, it sort of becomes pretty pointless to even get the eyes. ^^"

    2. Denne kommentar er fjernet af forfatteren.

    3. Denne kommentar er fjernet af forfatteren.

  2. Ahahaha.. Fitz is rocking that dress. Your new boy is very handsome, though I think most IH men are handsome @o@ can't wait to see your dollies all finished up!

    1. Haha he does indeed rock that dress like a queen X'D
      Thank you! Yeah, IH makes very pretty dolls ^^

  3. Congrats on him! He's gorgeous <3

  4. Congrats on him! Kan förstå att du är förtjust i honom, han är riktigt snygg! :D

    1. Thank you!!! *^^*
      Ja, han er bare sådan en flot fyr :D

  5. He's super handsome, congrats!