19 september 2015

Jointed Hearts 2015

As promised, I wanted to share the photos I took from the Jointed Hearts convention in Sweden a few weeks ago.
It was a GREAT convention with the most lovely people from all over Scandinavia. It was so lovely.
And so many dolls! It was amazing :D

Without further ado;
The prizes for the competitions! So many AWESOME prizes. It was epic :D
My friend Anne's GORGEOUS Iplehouse EID Rex - Nathaniel *nosebleed*
My friend Anne's pirate lady - Morgan *__*
My friend Anne and my sister Johanne put together this cool treasure chest for Anne's pirate dolls :D
This gorgeous Doria belongs to my dear sweet friend Avi who managed to carry her newly arrived Ring Doll Dracula coffin all the way to Sweden *__* It's SO cool!! Coolest BJD prop ever!!!

You might recognize this girl ;D
 This doll was awarded winner in the SD-size category. ^^

Aaaaand my sister and I joined the Faceup Competition they held XD'
So I just thought I'd share what we made. I wanted to take photos of all of them, but when the time was up, the judges came and we had to leave so we didn't manage to photograph all the other heads unfortunately >_<"
The theme was "The marked one". Really cool theme.
 My sister worked on her Infinity Doll girl (can't remember the sculpt, sorry) She drew markings with white paint and gloss.

I worked on my dear friend Avi's Ring Doll Norman Dark Side 2.0 head. I tried making him look like a crazy gangster getting marked by a sniper XD' Don't know if the message came through though, or if people just thing he looks like an evil joke on an Indian oO"
Avi asked me to add some gloss to his gums, it made him look a lot more 'real' :D

6 kommentarer:

  1. So many photos!! so many dolls *u*
    the bearded Saint I've seen in tumblr and I love him XD though I'm not sure who the owner is :o!!

    Your girl is looking as cute as always~ though winter is coming there right? you might want to change her clothes XD!

    Nice work on the face up, it didn't give me any indian feels, and since the theme was marked I think it tells your story quite nicely~

    1. Yeah! It was awesome to see so many dolls in one place *__*
      The bearded Saint and the Iplehouse Rex on the first two pics belong to Nattmaran. She is awesome at making characters :D

      Aw thank you <3 Haha yeah, I might need to dress her in some warmer clothes. XD

      Thank you :D that really means a lot you saying that *__*
      We only had 2 hours in total, so it was just go with the first idea you get. ^^ It was a fun challenge

  2. Loved seeing these photos <3 So many wonderful dolls~

    1. Happy to hear it. There sure was :D
      Hope you manage to join next year *^^*

  3. Looks like you guys had a great time :3 I hope I can afford to go next year.
    So many pretty dolls :D

    1. It was really great! They were all so friendly. ^^
      I really hope you can come along next year :D