27 september 2015

First local meet in ages!

Yesterday I was at the first Copenhagen held meet in a looooooong time. I don't think there has been one in years actually. Not a real one at least. XD
It was great seeing some old familiar faces again and catch up. Some of the girls have been out of the hobby for 3 years, and it was great having them back again.
I had forgotten how inspirational these meets are. *___*

We were not many, I think we were 10 at most. But it was very cozy and we talked for hours. I had feared it might become awkward because it's been so long since the last time, but it turned out to be really nice and we had a lot of laughs *^^*

I brought my 3 big Peak's Woods dollies that I had just finished faceups on during this week. :D (Sorry I didn't show any pics before, but the weather has been so grey I can't get pictures non-yellow when in my own room ^^")

I forgot to bring my camera of cause, so I only managed to snap a few pics with my phon.
But here they are:

I've given Fitzwilliam white lashes and eyeliner for now. He is a cute bunny :3 (for now) >;D

I didn't want to make so many strokes on the lips, but once I screw up one I go balistic and add 20 times the amount I wanted...just like I did with their eyelashes XD'
It's my way of paying those strokes back for not being like I wanted them to be. I'm such an angry child ;^;"

Fitzie made a new friend *^^*

And my friend Avi brought her GORGEOUS light brown Iplehouse Alberto. >_< He is so amazing!

I didn't get to take any more photos ö__ö"
I was SO busy talking that I didn't remember to take lots of photos of all the other cute dollies. There were 20 dolls or something in total. <__<" I'm sorry.

8 kommentarer:

  1. Ahh~ a happy day x3 It's nice to see all your PW dollies with face-ups now! Please share some more photos soon :D and gosh those IH men are so handsome xO

    1. Hehe ❤
      Yeah, it's taken me way too long to do some faceups on them XD
      I will make sure to take photos more often >__< haha
      Yeah, it's crazy how they do it. 😍

  2. I'm so glad you and the other people had a great time ^__^ I wish I could have been there, maybe next time!
    Also your dolls have gotten such gorgeous face-ups! <3

    1. Yeah, it was so refreshing to be at a local meet *^^*
      I hope you'll be able to come next time :D
      Thank you so much sweety! ❤ I feel I'm becoming better with each faceup, so that's really nice to hear ^^~<3

  3. The important thing is that yo had fun!!

    You did great with your dolls; faceups, I specially love Fitzwilliam's. Hope you will share more photos of them soon :D!!!

    1. Yeah. Haha *^^*

      Thank you so much dear ❤ I will do my best to take more photos of them ^^

  4. I'm glad you had fun there! I really wish I could have been there :)
    All the dolls are so pretty! You did a great job on your dolls' faceups :D

  5. Looks like so much fun! :D And so many pretty dolls too <3
    I really love how you've painted your Peakswoods dolls! They're looking super gorgeous <3