04 oktober 2015

Just some updates :D

I really want to write in here more, but because a huge lack of funds I don't really get to do much ;^;" Sucks being so poor...but then again, I have been spending WAY too much money on gorgeous Iplehouse dolls these last couple of months. XD' I'm living off pasta with ketchup and oatmeal now. Hehe

Some good stuff is happening though! :D I've started paying off on my PW Hunky Dory again and it feels really great. ^^ I've had to prolong my layaway for her, but that is fine, because I don't have any money to buy her stuff for a long time anyway XD'

Hmm...was there much else? I need to finish some hands for my sister's doll before next weekend where I go home to my parents. I think we'll arrange a mini meet with a friend of ours. :D

I hope to buy some fibers soon to begin making wigs. I think it would be cool to fully customize ALL my SD-sized dolls (except eyes :P). So I think I have lots of stuff to do for a long time XD

4 kommentarer:

  1. Nice to read an update from you! You could always post some random photos every now and then? :O
    I know the feeling ToT I've been living off Cup noodles for a few months as well T__T
    If you can make wigs - perhaps you could sell some to help you pay off your layaways! :D

    1. Thank you! <3
      Haha yeah, I just need to get off my fat butt and actually take some pics ;D But I will! I must!!! >_<)/
      Yeah, it's not fun being super poor and eat boring stuff, but at least I'm still able to have my dollies. I'd have to be in serious trouble to part with them >:O
      Uhh! Would be cool if I was good enough to sell BJD wigs. But I think shipping from Denmark is bound to destroy any hopes of me ever selling stuff like that. It's SO expensive I can't imagine getting any real profit XD'

  2. Well, I guess it's worth it :3 Those Iplehouse dolls are just so gorgeous! I can't wait to see more to them from you >w<
    Good luck with the wig-making. I was supposed to try wig-making with soy silk, but hearing how difficult it is to work with, I've decided to try alpaca first. :D

    1. It totally is!!! XD I wouldn't trade any of my hunky men for anything in the world *___*
      Thank you! I'll need to give them faceups soon. :D
      Thank you! I think I'll buy some alpaca as well to start off with, but I would have liked non-animal fibers :) anyways, it'll be fun to try ^^