05 oktober 2015

OMG! How could I forget oO"

I actually forgot to mention yesterday, that I'm currently trying to rehome my Peak's Woods tinies in normal skin.

They've been collecting dust most of the time since I got them, and I'm just not really into having so many dolls in that size. I want to keep Alice and spoil her. The others will hopefully find better homes with loving owners :3

They are awesome dolls, but I just can't fit them in my collection - especially with the limited space I have here in my dorm room. Someone out there are bound to be in need of some Peak's Woods tinies ;D

4 kommentarer:

  1. Ohhh yay for updates!!!
    Are you doing the hands or just painting them :o?? (from previous blog post)

    Which sculpts are you going to sell? just curious, I'm as poor as you :D Hope someone really nice gives them a home though, PW tinies are super cute! I definitely want some more in the future xD

    1. Haha no I just paint them. My sister has a gorgeous Spiritdoll Snowdrop ^^ their hands are gorgeous!

      I'm selling a Naomi boy with a Cheshire Goon head and a Mr Hollow girl with a Dorothy Young head :)
      They are super adorable, so I totally understand you want more. I can't let go of Alice for those reasons as well ;)

  2. I wish you the best luck with the sales :)

    And I hope to see some pictures from you soon ^^

    1. Thank you! I really hope someone wants to adopt these little ones *^^*

      Haha yeah, I'll try taking photos of the stuff I'll paint this week :D