26 november 2015

Updates 'n stuff

Thought I'd write an entry with whatever doll-related I can come up with in my life right now, seeing as I don't write that many blog entries - its not that I don't want to, I just don't really know what to write about XD'

I saw Alejandra's newest blog entry - about Mako Eyes - today, which reminded me; I ordered two pairs of Mako Eyes earlier this month. Haha so that is sort of a news...if a little late. ^^"
I decided to go with a pair of Iberis 021 for Ludwig and Iberis 006 for Crow (he hasn't gotten his real name yet). I hate acrylic eyes, and the ones they came with were all broken when I received them, so I really hope these will work out for me. To get an idea of the colors I stalked both DoA and Flickr for owner pics. XD'
Whenever I think of Crow (anyone have any ideas for names?) I always gets "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor stuck in my head oO" So I wanted to see if I could find nice brown eyes that 'shines' ^^ Let's hope the IB-006 will do just that :D

Today I also got a bill from customs to pay for my Taobao order. I'm pretty impressed that its already here. :O
It was sent by SAL, so I thought it would take much longer. It always takes around a month for the stuff I buy on eBay XD
But that was a pleasant surprise. I hope I get to play around with it in December :D
Might make some minions for my crew ^___~

Currently I'm working on Freyah for the PW competition. I'm trying to see if I can give her a body tattoo and body blushing. Hope it will be done in time for the competition. XD'
Its mainly a swirl pattern with some lace-ish things and red carnation flowers. ^^ Hope it'll be nice in the end. I've never done it before, and my hands are not very familiar with using a brush on bigger areas like that. But it is fun to work with :D
Hope you can see what I mean. This is what I've managed to paint so far...so yeah...long way to go >_<" At least it is fun work :D
I'll update again when I've painted more ^__^)/

8 kommentarer:

  1. Those carnations are looking great!!!! hope you finish them on time :D!

    I can't wait to see your eyes the ib 002 look gorgeous on the website :o!!!! I'm curious as how are they in real life *u*

    It was great to read from you a bit today, I have the same problem and Idk what to write sometimes, but it's nice to keep things updated :D

    1. Thank you so much!! ;^;~<3
      I'm happy you think so. I've painted/drawn roses so many times, but never carnations before now, so I was hoping that it didn't look too much like roses XD'

      Yeah! I'm really curious about those eyes. But at the same time scared...once you go urethane - I'm not sure if you'll ever go back ;D

      Thank you. I've been used to update about what I buy for so long, I need to learn to be able to update even when I can't always buy that much. XD' Oh, the sad life of being a poor student. ^^"
      But I really enjoy painting Freyah, so I hope I can get some painting done from now on :D

  2. So far the work you've done looks good! I hope to see a final result soon x3 I have also entered the PW competition and plan to enter the 2nd competition as well :D but that requires some prep too ToT

    1. Thank you that makes me so happy! :'D
      I also hope to see her all put together soon XD'
      Yay! I want to check out all the photo competition entries, but I don't think I have the time before the competition ends ^^"
      Oooh! Yes, the 2nd competition is also coming up *___* Tristan~<3
      I have some ideas - I really want a reverse Alice in Wonderland theme with a BOY Alice XD'

  3. I'm excited to see more of your lovely dolls ;w; Hopefully you'll share pictures when they're ready?
    Mako eyes are nice eyes.
    Good luk with the competition! It looks so great :D

    1. Yay!! Thank you dearest Lise! *^o^*
      I will SPAM you with more pictures of Freyah when she is put back together ^_____^
      Honestly, I was a bit shocked at how many pieces were in one doll...its a bit disturbing to have her unassembled. I hope no piece goes missing oO"

      Yeah, I can't wait to see how they fit in my boys *__* I want to paint my boys when Freyah is done. :D

      Thank you <3 I hope I manage to finish Freyah in time XD'

  4. Love your work on the tattoos and blushing, can't wait to see how it'll look all finished~ Great to hear from you too ^^

    1. Thank you so much! <3
      I'm so happy you like it :'D