05 december 2015

Goal review of 2015 goals :D

I saw Musume was doing hers and urging everyone to do the same. Just checked and saw I did something similar last year - so lets make it a tradition XD

My goals for 2016 will be in a later post, so this entry will only focus on whether or not I fulfilled my 2015 goals. ^^

Lets see:
1. Have money for customs
I received both my Dlights in one package, and was super scared about what I'd have to pay in Import and Customs. Luckily I got my girls home safe. I haven't had problems paying customs - only problems with customs messing around with my packages <__<"

2. Pay off my layaway for my Peak's Woods White Rabbit Dandy Tristan
I did!! It was such a relief. And he is now home with me where he belongs *____*~<3

3. Paint ALL my dolls - AND all my sisters dolls
Urgh! *Goes to hide in shame* Ehm...well...I did some XD' And I also didn't do some. I managed to paint my big PW dolls - even if just temporarily. I also did paint one of my sisters dolls...God I'm so terrible >_<"
I HAVE tried to finish more dolls, I'm just such a perfectionist that small mistakes haunt me forever and I usually end up wiping most of what I do ;__;"

4. Buy shoes, wigs, eyes and a little clothes for all my incoming dolls
Well, I had quite a lot of incoming dolls this year (I have received 5 dolls this year). Fitzwilliam doesn't have his own shoes yet, but he has wig, eyes and clothes. Both Freyah and Ophelia have shoes, wigs, eyes and some clothes. I bought some basic clothes and a wig with Ludwig so he isn't nude - and he came with eyes so he does have eyes right now - 1 pair of Maki eyes coming his way. ^^
Crow (srsl not sure what he should be named) came with his full set and a wig, so he is just waiting for his new eyes as well.
So for my incoming dolls - they are pretty decently dressed the lot.
Little Alice is actually done - well, as done as done goes for me. There can always be something to modify.

5. Get better at photographing my dolls
I don't think I have...I haven't done much photographing. This will definitely go on to be a goal for 2016 as well! >_<"
I'm actually wishing for a new lens for my camera this Christmas, so I hope that it will motivate me more. ^^

6. Keep doing this blog
Haha I did!! :D And I love it! And I want to keep doing it in 2016 as well! *^^*
I'm so happy to have gotten to know so many awesome people around the world through blogging, and I want to keep putting my stuff in here and enjoy reading other peoples entries as well. ^^

So the result: 4 out of 6 (I actually feared it was worse XD)

Some of this gave me a good idea for goals for 2016 as well. It was really interesting to go back and have a look at what I promised myself a year ago. Haha
I hope to be able to read my other blog-friends' entries about this, because its really fun to do (and a little embarrassing, but that is OK) XD

10 kommentarer:

  1. I'm so dreading the moment where I post my review of this year XD I've done horribly lol

    But you did most of what you planned, congrats!! so happy for you :D
    I'm glad you kept blogging~

    1. Haha I was surprised I managed to get 4 out of 6 this year. I didn't think I would at all. Maybe you also managed to do more than you thought you would ;D

      Thank you ❤
      I hope we can continue blogging the both of us. 😍

  2. That's awesome! You received so many new dollies last year, wow! I hope you can achieve all your goals next year!

    1. Thank you! ^^
      I did receive so many dollies. Its almost scary haha XD
      I hope I can reach my goals next year. I hope I get closer to finishing up some of my dollies. :)

  3. You did really well :D Yay!
    You're way better than me at buying stuff for your dolls. I just buy MOAR dolls. Muhahaha XD

    1. Haha yay thanks! :D
      Lol, but I did buy two rather "impulse" dolls (Ludwig and Crow), and my account is still suffering because of Crow XD'
      But buying dolls are so amazing! ;D love it! Bwahahaha who needs finished dolls anyway? :'D

  4. You did really well! I can't wait to see your plans for next year, and generally see how your dolls get more finished :D

    1. Thank you! *^^*
      Yeah, I have lots of plans XD
      I really want to move into a bigger space next year so I can have room for sowing equipment and such. :)
      At least two of my dolls should be finished by next year's Christmas >___<

  5. You got so many new dolls over the last year!! XD
    The crappy Danish weather has not been a great help either on the face-up front I imagine. ^^'
    I should really put the "Keep blogging" one on my 2016 goals! I love it very much too, but I have so little energy and motivation to keep it up. :< Hope I can keep it going though!!

    1. Haha yeah its crazy XD
      True, when its too cold or rainy I can't have my window open while working. :/
      You should! I love reading your blog. Plz keep doing it <3
      Maybe you could also do some of those fun ones on Irene's CakeTown blog? :D