27 juli 2014


I got confirmation today that Mr. AngelsDoll Michael had arrived safely at his new home in Germany. She sounded SO happy about him, it made my day. She told me she had lend his body to her friend to get his seams sanded, and that she would be sending his head to a German faceup artist next week. Pretty cool that she has it all planned already :D

A few days ago, a girl wrote me to ask if I was still selling my white DollHeart dress. I had actually sort of forgotten about that, and as I took it out from my closet I just fell in love with it again. So I had to tell the girl that I could not sell it to her. I just felt like it's too valuable a dress for the price people would be willing to pay. I understand that $100 is a lot of money for dolls clothes, but this set - if you see it irl - you would agree that it ought to cost at least twice. But that was not really why I couldn't sell it. It is actually sort of a grail set for me. I don't know why, but as I took it out I thought how much that dress was ME. The style, the colors, the theme it is all very like I used to design clothes back when I wanted to be a designer, so I've decided to keep the dress for the day - who knows when - where I'll have another SD-sized girl. :)

~ And I'm sort of afraid that I might actually get an SD-sized girl again sooner than I thought. Peak's Woods will be releasing their new limited FOC at the beginning of August - the Fairy of Diamond - which will be in a whole new (possibly exclusive) skin color. I'm just having this really weird feeling of her being my next big crush. XD It's super scary - I had told myself "No SD-sized girls!", but if she turns out to be a must have - I might just bite it down and order her on a loooong layaway plan (I love how flexible PWs layaway system is). But hopefully I won't even have to think that far...lalalah *runs off trying to look indifferent*

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  1. It's always such a relief to hear that something you sold arrived safely!

    I kinda know the feeling about the dress. I have this YoSD dress from a fullset doll that I probably won't be using for a long time. My only tiny girl is a tomboy and won't really be using dresses, but I just can't bring myself to sell it since I like it so much. xD

    How interesting with Peak's Woods! :D Their dolls are so cute, so I'll definitely look forward to see her.

    1. Yeah! It really is. I get super nervous whenever I'm sending stuff of some sort of value. Totally paranoid XD
      It did NOT help that the lady at the post office messed up the shipping note so that the parcel was returned to me. I got mad as a Hatter XD

      There are just something that hold a greater value to you than other stuff. As I know a little about the hassle of sewing, I'm really impressed with this DollHeart dress, and even feel like I got it too cheap when I bought it from DollHeart some years agol. 'XD

      It is! They are releasing new dolls quite often now, and they look great. The new faceup artist from BNB doll is great and really makes interesting faceups :D

    2. Oh, BNB doll are painting Peak's Woods dolls? Cool, I love BNB doll and I have one of their dolls very high on my wishlist. xD

    3. Yes, apparetly it's the artist who owns, sculpts and does faceups at BNB doll who is also hired as faceup artist on limited dolls for Peak's Woods. ^^
      She is really amazing.