30 juli 2014

LE Wake Up Dlight

Today PW released promopictures of the new Limited Edition Wake Up Dlight - the Fairy of Diamond!
She is beautiful, but I must admit I'm not sold really. I think they will be releasing the promopictures of the open eyed version of Dlight tomorrow, so I'm not safe yet.

Peak's Woods has changed their rules a little this time - I wonder if they read the DoA threads about their dolls XD
They've never really had any rules about layaway payments, but this time it says your first deposit needs to be at least $200 if you want a Dlight on layaway. :O
I think because PW has grown more and more popular over the last year, that they need to control the layaways a bit more, but that is understandable.
Another thing - and this is why I was wondering if they read the threads on DoA - is that you can pay $40 extra and get the AB body, though only in white or normal skin. This has never been an option before, so it's quite interesting. ^^

But yeah, let's see what tomorrow brings - am I safe or not on August 1st. XD

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