26 januar 2016

Liebster award another one XD

My sister Helene from thelittledollmaster re-tagged me for doing the Liebster Award, so thanks for that XD' Haha no really, thank you. It was nice to see you back doing blogging :D Plz keep it up <3

The rules:
1. Thank the person who presented you the award and link back to their blog.
2. Post the award image on your blog.
3. Answer 11 questions posted by the presenter.
4. Nominate 5-11 blogs with less than 200 followers.
5. Create 11 questions for the nominees to answer.
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The questions:
1. Which doll in your collection is the one you spend most time with and why?
Hmm...tough one...I actually think I've spend most time on Freyah, because she is pure gorgeousness >:D
2. What got you into the hobby?
My friend introduced me to her ws Luts Delf El back in 2005 before I went to Japan. But because I had to go to Japan for a year, I couldn't get my own before I returned home and had earned some money. But I think I knew back then, that I wanted one for myself. ^^
I ended up drooling over El as well, but decided on a Delf Shine in stead. I got him in the beginning of 2008 :D
3. How much money are you willing to spend on your dream doll?
Depends on how my situation at that point is. For now I think my absolute max is around $2000. My most expensive doll yet was a little over $1600 and was my IH Crow. oO"
I don't even wish to know how much money that is in DKK ^^"
4. What is your fondest memory in the hobby?
The day I decided to buy BOTH types of PW Dlight. Haha I couldn't believe myself, but at the same time it felt RIGHT! *___* It felt soooooo goooooooood!!! But also a little gaudy and scary XD'
5. Have you experienced anything bad in the hobby?
Well, the whole recast issue is pretty bad. I once joined a facebook group and a girl posted a pic with a huge recast haul and it was ridiculous. I fled that group immediately. Also, at one meet up here in DK there were people who brought and bought recasts which was also SO horrible. It was so awkward and I'll never go to a meet up with those people again ;^;
6. Do you have any specific things you go through when choosing name and looks for your dolls?
Mostly I go through name sites that include the meanings of the names. I find names I think are pretty and look up their origin and meaning. But its a process. Sometimes I create my own weird spellings of the names just because...I can. XD'
7. Is there anything you wish you did more in the hobby?
Most stuff really. Haha XD
I wish I was better at taking photos and doing faceups more often.
8. Do you have any routines when taking pictures?
Pick doll(s), pick background, find camera, pose doll, curse a lot, try to take some pictures, curse a lot, pose doll again, take more pics, curse a lot, try other settings on camera, take more pics, give up, put in photoshop, curse a lot, maybe something comes out of it. ^^"
9. Is there any specific doll or person in the hobby you are inspired by?
Not specific as such. I do get A LOT of inspiration from Anne <3 because we talk dollies so often, but also just from going through dollie sites on the web, visit DoA, go through Instagram or Flickr. There are inspiration to be had in so many places I think.
10. Do you have a holy grail doll, if yes which?
I guess it would be the Dolfie Dream Sheryl Nome of Ranka Lee dolls >_< If I was super rich I'd get them, but I'll do with watching them from afar. I'd love to have them, but I know I'll never get them, so I've just come to terms with that.
11. How many dolls have you got since you started in the hobby?
*Counts in head* 12 whole dolls (13 counting my incoming Hunky Dory). But I have sold a few since then.

I won't tag anybody. I think all the people I know here have been tagged once or twice already anyway :3

11 kommentarer:

  1. ~ ahaha, the cursing a lot while trying to get a decent shot made me giggle, and it's very relatable! xD;;

    I think our price limit would be about the same :O I once spent like $1500 on a doll and felt so crazy, but I can imagine spending a bit more if it's really my grail!
    You should post a group picture of all your dollies together~~

    1. Haha yeah, but it's so difficult to take photos and have them look like what you imagined in your head XD

      Yeah. Its a lot of money but full sets can reach that amount. I don't plan on spending $2000 on a doll, but you never know. And I think anything higher than that and I would just instantly give up on it. I would be completely ruined. Its quite creepy however to think about the total worth of the dolls you have. :O

  2. Nice to see more of this on your blog! 1600 usd wow! I think my most expensive was Lucas or the Onyx I'm trying to sell, both around 700 usd plus shipping, but if you count all the money spent on wigs and clothes I probably could get to your number XD ouch!
    I didn't even think of recasts as a bad experience, I was just thinking on personal stuff, but yeah recasts have ruined some stuff for me. There's 2 local facebook groups here and the biggest and more active one is recast friendly and it sucks. Every newbie they get asking about dolls there's always someone recommending recastas like they were the greatest thing :/.... and when I give my opinion I get attacked. So I stopped posting and only comment on dolls from owners that I know are anti recasts, but I can't leave the group because that's where I sell my things ;_; the other group doesn't buy/sell

    1. Hehe yeah. I Hope to update more in the weekend. ^^
      Well, crow did get super expensive due to all the extra stuff. His clothes in itself was around $250 :O
      Ah yeah, recast is just such an annoying problem. And the worst is that some people think it's OK to motivate others to buy it. Its super tasteless to motivate others to join in illegal activities. :(
      I've fled all groups where they allow recasts, it just turn my day sour to hear about their ridiculous reasons for getting recasts. Hope they teach their children better. :/

  3. nice answers. i liked the your answer to the photo routines. XD

  4. Loved the answers! I can recognize myself in the photo routine. I often curse the light, the doll not standing as I want to or my shaky hands. :D But in the end there is always a couple of photos that will do. Need to work on getting the perfect one! :)

    1. Thank you! *^^*
      Haha yeah, its true. Sortiments it can really be a pain to take pictures XD

  5. Your photo routine sounds much like my own:

    Doll finally stands perfect -> pose hands -> doll falls over -> cursing -> doll and hands are finally perfect -> half of the wig in the eyes -> fix wig -> doll falls over -> more cursing -> repeat... XD

    1. Haha yeah! I can also relate to your version XD' So many details to take into consideration. Hehe

  6. It took a while but I finally clicked that your blog was A Tiny Jurney. I had seen your banner link on other people's blogs and hadn't clicked on it yet! Glad I did.

    Freyah is such a cool name isn't it? I have one of my Pureneemo dolls named that and have a game character with the same name!

    You'd love my friend's collection if you're into Delf Els. She has a big group of them and they all look amazing and very different. You wouldn't think they were all Els!

    Recasts are definitely ruining the second hand marketplace too. Everyone is very wary to buy dolls there these days. It's a shame as I remember when there was trust in the community.

    Sounds like you and I are similar with how we name our dolls. I do the same thing! I love to read the meanings behind certain names.

    I'm still hoping one day I can own a Dollfie Dream but I'm not that hopeful to be honest. If they did one of Makise Kurisu from Stein's Gate, I'd be happy but sad because I know I couldn't afford the price point, at least in my current situation.