05 januar 2016

Mako Eyes order no. 1

Guess what I found in my kitchen cupboard yesterday! :D
A package way too big for the three pair of Mako Eyes that was in there XD'
I was so happy and quickly opened the package while sending pics to dear Anne as one of the pair of eyes are hers.
Without further ado, lets see what was in the package.

 I only took pics with flash, as I had problems with getting the eyes to be in focus with my new lens (granted, I was in a hurry, so I gave up quickly)
I'm very amazed by the quality of these! So clear and perfect. They are exactly what I wanted, and looks 100% like they do on other owner pics. :D

Anne's VI-006 eyes. They are very pretty!

 I knew it! He has such a charismatic face even without faceup :D'
I really wanted some striking brown eyes for him, and these are PERFECT *___*
These are IB-006 eyes.

 I noticed poor Ludwig had wonky eyes on the pictures I sent to Anne, so I fixed them and took this picture in stead XD'
Too bad I want to kill his wig >:( WIG! Y U so much ruin?? Its a IH wig, and even though there is a lot of hair, the wig cap is still showing ;_;"
But all in all its just not the colour for him I think. Any suggestions? Maybe a mix of grey and black? Idk ^^"
These are IB-021 eyes.

I'm SO satisfied with these eyes! Idk why I haven't bought from Mako before. As the title of this entry says, this is only the first order I'll be placing with Mako. All my dollies need Mako eyes now XD'

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  1. Yay they finally arrived!! And they are GORGEOUS! you picked very pretty colors, but in true all their colors are nice xD
    Those brown eyes look amazing on your guy!!
    And I think for Hedwig a darker wig would be nicer, like dark brown or black :) and the eyes would pop uot so much more too!
    Same as you, all my dolls need mako eyes after getting the first order haha, so I used the refund I got from Leeke to buy 2 more pairs, so then all my dolls will be with urethane eyes :D Of course I ordered them like 3 days ago so the wait is still long XD

    1. I'm happy you think so *^^*
      Yeah, I also think the eyes would pop more if he gets a dark wig. :D
      Oh nice you've already ordered! I still need to decide which styles and such that I want. There is quite a lot of glitter in the Iberis eyes, but in 12mm you don't really notice that...But for Fitz with 14mm it might get too girly?
      My girls will probably get Dandelion ones with black pupils *___* they look really pretty from what I've seen

    2. I ordered a Dandelion pair this time :D same as you want I asked for black pupils, hope they read the comment XD

      I also got an Aries pair so that will be interesting to see in person, I haven't seen many owner photos

      I haven't got any Iberis, I'll take them into consideration for any future dolls since I love glitter :D

    3. Uh nice! I'm excited to see them when you get them.

      I read somewhere that the Iberis had more depth than the Amarylis ones. At first I had thought I'd get Amarylis, but in the end I went with Iberis. They do very well for guys using 12mm, but yeah, might get a little too sparkly for my taste in guys using bigger eyes. XD

    4. I think I need more dolls now!! So I can justify getting Iberis eyes lol.

      I tagged you in my blog (it's an award thing with questions :D): http://fantasywoods.net/liebster-award/
      It's also a great excuse to keep your blog updated with new posts :)

    5. Haha XD'
      Well you did mention you owe yourself one or more new dolls this year ;P

      I just made my reply! Thank you! :D

  2. Great to hear that you were happy with the eyes you got! Most of my dolls have Mako eyes too, they're just awesome XD

    You got really nice eyes, love those colors~ Those brown eyes are my favorites from these, he looks gorgeous! ♥

    1. They are so stunning irl *___*
      I hope I can order some more soon ;D

      Thank you! I'm very happy with my choices. Haha Crow is a really underappreciated sculpt :D

  3. I'm happy the order arrived safely :D And now Nathaniel can be allowed eyes again (as Zombie reclaimed the other eyes) :P
    I think if Ludwig had a wig like Nathaniel's or Marius' then the eyes would pop more, and a faceup really does change a face :)

    1. Yeah, me too. It took almost a month to be shipped XD
      Haha poor Nathaniel. Good thing he'll get eyes again.
      Something like black for the wig, right?

    2. Yeah, but a doll takes 3 months :P Haha! I think Nine9Style took about a month to ship also.
      I think he is happy. But considering how long I've had him, it's actually taken way too long to buy him a pair of eyes...
      Nathaniel's wig is black and Marius' is dark brown. I can bring them with me when we next meet, so you can try them.

    3. I think a fur wig in darker colors would be good on Ludwig. I think fur wigs looks good on boy dolls (Nathaniel, Henry, Zombie, and Marius all have fur wigs and I'm trying to find one for Voodoo too).

    4. True, but I mean shipping time alone was almost a month. Reminds me of the term snail mail XD
      Haha yeah well, you've been managing so far. ;)
      Oh! I'd love that! After our exams we should find a way to hang out! <3
      Yeah, but in the long run I think all my dolls will have homemade wigs of some sort. I really love Amadiz's creations, would be cool to try something similar for my girls (like braids and such) *^^*

  4. Mm, I love urethane eyes! :3 You got some really nice colours for your boys. The Iberis eyes look really nice in smaller sizes! I have a pair of Iberis eyes in 14mm and even for my girl I think they're a bit too shimmery sometimes. xD

    1. Thank you! I think the glitter is actually helping them catch light in the small sizes, so yeah, they are good in 12mm. But I could imagine there would be a lot going on with sparkles if they are bigger XD

  5. Denne kommentar er fjernet af forfatteren.

  6. You make me want to order lots of Mako eyes too, their colors all look so special and gorgeous!
    I think a darker colored wig might suit your boy :3 :3

    1. You should! I'm so impressed with how clear and deep they look. I've been looking on all the owner pics I could find on Flicker to determine which colors I wanted and what style ;)
      Yeah. I also think a dark wig would suit him. Would it be silly if it had some blue strains in it?

  7. Those eyes look fabulous! I've been debating ordering some Mako eyes, and I think this post has given me the final encouragement I needed - thanks! :)

    1. Oh! I'm very happy to hear this post has helped you :D
      You are very welcome *^^*