06 januar 2016

Liebster award

Alejandra aka Fantasywoods was so sweet and gave me this award. I'm very happy she would think of me. Thank you Alejandra! *^^*

The rules are:
1. Thank the person who presented you the award and link back to their blog.
2. Post the award image on your blog.
3. Answer 11 questions posted by the presenter.
4. Nominate 5-11 blogs with less than 200 followers.
5. Create 11 questions for the nominees to answer.
6. List the rules in your post.
7. Inform the people you chose of their nomination by leaving a comment on their blog and link them your post.

The questions I got from Alejandra:
1. What's the thing you love the most about blogging?
That I can put all my ramblings in one place where I can later find it, search it, and reference it. Its just very liberating to have a place just for YOUR collection, thoughts and stuff, so that you don't feel you need to meet at certain standard or have to consider anything else but your own preferences. :D
2. What's the thing you love the most about your dolls/figures?
That they are MINE! *crazy eyes*....no, really, I love that I get to have them just as I want them. I love looking at them and then realizing I'm smiling to myself because they make me happy *^^*
3. Is there anything you always wanted to do with your dolls but never dared to?
I've always wanted to do a mod project, but I don't see myself doing anything of the sort on any of the dolls I have now. I might consider playing around with a tiny head and doing some eye-modding. But that would probably be add-on modding and not substraction-modding. I'm way too scared to mess something up permanently XD'
4. Are you working on something for your dolls/figures at the moment?
Not really, other than ideas. I'm pretty busy with exams in the next couple of weeks, but afterwards I intend to order some wig fibers and start making some wigs. I'd also like to start sculpting some weapons soon-ish. ^^
5. Have any of your friends/family joined the hobby because they got to know it through you?
Well, I can't say if it was because of me only, but I do believe two of my younger sisters decided to get their own dolls after I received my first doll back in January 2008. But I don't think we've ever really discussed this.
6. Is there something or someone in particular that inspires your aesthetics, background stories, etc.?
I'm very inspired by the Final Fantasy universe for the 'setting' of my dolls story. Steampunk, Granado Espada and Pirates of the Caribbean are a great inspiration for clothes. :D
7. Do you share your doll or doll photos with people outside the hobby?
Not really, unless they ask to see something. I live in a dorm and twice a year we have these tour-de-chambre parties where we circulate the rooms on my floor. One time, my dorm-mate insisted I showed him one of those "crazy expensive dolls" I'd been talking about, so I showed him Alice. He held her very tenderly while being all "OMG! She looks AMAZING!!" and some of the other guys were like "WOW!" XD' It was pretty neat. Haha
I think I'd show people some photographs when I get better. Just to show them I'm not just sitting in a dark corner with my strange hobby like a maniac. Sometimes people are clearly petrified when you tell them you collect dolls. <_<"
8. Is any of your dolls based on yourself or a person you know?
Not really, but I don't believe you can create characters without pouring a little of yourself into them. So I imagine all of my characters have something in common with me. I tend to try and give them some of the same faults as I see in myself, that way I hope they become a little more 3D-like and I can also relate to them much better XD
9. Do you have a favorite doll/figure from another persons collection? Would you own the same doll/figure?
I have many favourites! I have at least one from each collector I know. Haha
Yeah I'd definitely be able to own the same doll, but it would never be to 'imitate' another persons character. It would just be coincidence. Anne/BJDzen and I both have a PW Dlight - but each of us have her in a different colour, and I don't think their characters are anything alike XD' But we just love the same sculpt.
10. Three things you like about yourself?
I'm a friendly person.......My hands are good at crafting stuff.......I can cook ;P
11. Anything you have learned in this hobby you wish you knew before joining?
Not really. I feel like I did enough research before I bought my first doll to know what it entailed. Maybe something about it'd be sure to ruin me and suck my wallet dry? XD

My questions for the people I award:
1. What is the best thing that has ever happened to you because of this hobby?
2. Do you think this hobby has changed you as a person?
3. When did you start collecting, and what was your idea when you started (like limits of how many dolls, limits as to what to spend, maybe you only wanted dolls from a certain company)?
4. What are the main reasons why you are in this hobby?
5. Are there certain people/brands/etc. that inspires your collection?
6. Where do you store your doll-boxes?
7. How long did you wait on your dolls from they were paid off until you had them in your hands? Please mention the fastest and slowest!
8. What is the most appealing feature in a dolls face?
9. Do you have a no-go? F.ex. big noses, angry eyes, teeth showing, etc.
10. If you could have any doll in the world, which do you desire most?
11. Do you have a preferred skin tone for your resin buddies?

The award goes toooooo:

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  1. Wow that as fast :D!!! Loved reading your answers, thanks for doing it :)

    It's cool that people from your dorm liked your dolls! I'm always scared people will say they are creepy (and they have XD) but in the end it's my hobby so whatever lol

    I agree that every doll tends to have a little bit of ourselves. I think Lucas is the one that has the most things in common with me, but all my dolls has a little bit of me.

    1. Haha I was bored so I though I'd use the chance XD
      Thanks for tagging me :D

      Yeah. I feared they'd be super freaked, but they started asking questions about how I painted them and such. It was nice. ^^ most people I've met have had that wtf-expression if I've told them I collect dolls, but when I explain a bit they are more relaxed. I think people are mostly afraid it's those baby-like dolls. Happy to clear that mistake XD

      That is fun. Aw Lucas is such a cutie. Now I know where he's getting it from ;D (I seriously started playing PSY's DADDY song in my head lol)

    2. I also need to add that I love Granado Espada XD I used to play it a lot and was obsessed with Battlefield Claude (the young version of Claude from Reboldeaux). He looks so much like a SOOM Dia it's amazing XD it was my main character for pvp before I quit

    3. Haha yeah. They have some serious designers on there. I confess I've only played a little, but I really like the style and all the awesome outfits :D

  2. I agree with you completely, and I think it's a great thing that we can put a bit of ourselves into every character we create (dolly or otherwise)~
    I hope there will be more of these tags in the future, inspiring you to post more x3333

    1. Haha yeah. Well, I'm definitely going to do one of your tags pretty soon ;D but it will not be before Tuesday after my exam though ^^"

  3. It was very interesting to read your answers! :D Thanks a lot for tagging me - will post the answers soon, hopefully. xD

    All of my characters also have a bit of me in them and it's quite fun how it just happens without you thinking about it. :p

    1. Thank you *^^*
      I'm looking forward to reading your answers :D

      Yeah, I guess it just happens XD But it's super fun to realize that they sometimes remind you of yourself. Haha

  4. I just answered the questions you tagged me in, and retagged you...i seriously need more blog pals XD


    1. Lol. Haha noo XD evil you

      Ill go taske a look.