18 marts 2014

All 'dat stuff ~

Ealier today I recieved an email from Taobaotrends about the stuff I'm waiting for, and as usual they send med photos of it.

It looks as though the pink dress is more of an orange tone than pink when compared to the pink shoes on the right. I guess I'll have to wait to determine how the real colors are, but I think I will just find some orange or white shoes in stead if the dress turns out to be less pink than promised ;P
I expect that there are chances of color differences when I order from places like Taobao, so I'll just wait and see. Maybe it can work or maybe it can't, we'll see ^^
They took some pictures of the eyes, and they look really good, but other than that, even I will have to wait. No teasers for me on the wigs and stuff, just the eyes. xD

They told me they would ship it as soon as I payed for shipping, so I hope to have all of this lovely stuff in my possession soon ;D (it usually takes about 8-10 days to ship stuff from Asia to Denmark, so it's not so bad)

Edit: Oh!! For the fun of it - and because I wanna know. If anyone has ideas for what to do about shoes, if the pink dress turns out to be orange, please let me know! :D
I don't think I've seen orange shoes for tinies, so it would be really helpful if someone has any ideas and might want to share a link ^^ Maybe the shoes don't even have to be orange then?

14 marts 2014

Liebster Blogger Award fun

I noticed Lise from fushitebjd.blogspot.com had written she wanted me to answer these 11 questions, and I will <3

1. What is the next doll you have planned?
Well, if it's a full doll I actually have NO plans atm (freaky, I know).
I need to buy two bodies for two of my incoming girls - does that count? :D

2. Most people int the BJD hobby have characters for their dolls. Assuming you do too, how did the character come to be?
I guess it came gradually after I bought Alice. I had not planned to buy a doll at that time, but I couldn't help myself when I saw her. So then I decided I had to create a story about her, and along the road I decided to add more tinies to that equation. Loki and Lucy were the first ones, they are the ones who discover Alice as she arrives in 'our world'. Next came Nellie and Annabelle. I've always wanted a pair of twin dolls, but having two sisters who are twins, I know that they are not really identical and so I made them with different personalities. They are the ones who discover Alice's lost sidekick cat and that way gets spun into the story.

3. Do your dolls have a theme song, and if so which one(s)?
Not at the moment no. I havn't thought that far, sorry >_<"

4. Where do you prefer to talk about dolls? (DoA, blogs, Tumblr, other?)
I'm most active on Resin Garden (the Danish BJD society), blogs and DoA. Also DeviantArt at times.
I had Facebook once, but I ended up deleting my profile as I got too annoyed with it...XD

5. What do you like most about the doll hobby?
I think the multiple creative aspects of the hobby are just really appealing to me. And I've always like pretty stuff ;3
The community around the hobby is also a great factor to make it an fantastic hobby. The way information, ideas, tutorials etc are shared is just awesome. Also the fact that you get to see other BJD peoples dolls and tastes and what not is just so inspiring. ^^

6. What do you like the least about the doll hobby?
All the problems with recasts and that. :(

7. Do you dream of any kind of doll that does not yet exist?
Well, I play with ideas sometimes, but as I like regular human dolls the most (and my vampire girl <3) I feel like I would be able to find the dolls I want already. I still let my imagination run wild sometimes though.

8. Do you have any irl friends who share your hobby?
Yes. I love talking with my doll-friends. It's so nice and stimulating (in a non-gross way :P). Like if I have an idea but am unsure if it will work, I can ask my friends what they think. I like that.
I'm also very lucky to have two of my younger sisters in the hobby as well, so I get to talk dollies a lot, yay!

9. If you could get 1 free doll right now, which doll would you choose?
I seriously don't know.....uhmm....let's see....maybe Peak's Woods LE Back to 1920's? She is SO gorgeous! .....Or maybe a Ringdoll Julia....*Brain goes up in smoke* XD

10. Have you gotten any new friends through the doll hobby?
Yes! A lot of new friends actually, and that is just plain awesome! They are all very nice and friendly :D

11. Honestly, do you think you'll ever lose your interest in dolls?
I'm pretty confident that I'll never lose interest, but if I look at the statistics of my previous interests *draws chart and calculates numbers* I'm more often losing interest in things than keeping them XD
But I think it would take a lot of effort for me to lose my interest in the dolls. ;P

I guess, as this is a sort of chain letter thingy, and that I am supposed to send some questions to some other peoples blogs and stuff, but I only really know 3, so I think I'll interview people in stead at a later time >:D I'm so bad. Muhahaha

Oh! But make sure to check out Lise's blog fushitebjd.blogspot.com :D

12 marts 2014

Som pictures...

As I was just cleaning my BJD image folders, I found these two photos I took for the monthly competition on Resin Garden - the Danish BJD community's main forum.
It was for the January theme - "out of darkness"

 "I'll pay you back for this"

The first picture was my entry picture. As Alice did not (and still don't) have a faceup, I chose a picture that focussed more on her bitemarks in stead of her face, and named the picture "I'll pay you back for this" .

08 marts 2014

Had to order other eyes

Yeah, in the end, Taobaotrends had to inform me, that the seller from whom I wanted the previous posted eyes, was all out of stock. ;_;
So I had to find new eyes, and that was quite annoying. >_<

But I like what I found, it was a bit different than what I had in mind, but if I'm not satisfied when I get them home, I'll just buy some others.
Anyways, forget about the previous posted eyes, these will be the eyes I receive:

These turquoise glass eyes for Lucy
(I'm pretty sure they are the same as the ones I would have ordered anyway, so thats nice)

Green-grey glass eyes for Annabelle and Nellie
(I wanted them to have different types of pale green, but I couldn't find any I thought matched well with these, and I think these look really nice)

These pale brown-grey-pink-ish glass eyes will be for Loki
(originally, he was supposed to have grey eyes, but I liked that these were warmer and I think they'll look super nice on a boy)

So, now I'm looking forward to finally getting an email from Taobaotrends, saying they've received it all, and that it looks awesome ^_~

04 marts 2014


Taobaotrends wrote me today saying they ordered my stuff on Taobao.
Later though, I got a mail that the eyes for Lucy was out of stock :'(
I really like those eyes, so I'm quite sad I can't have them, but I choose another pair in stead as I have already payed:

(Sorry about the quality of the picture)
These will be Lucy's eyes then. I like them, and they are more like the color I originally had planned for her, so it's not that bad. ^^

So yeah, just wanted to share. I just hate when the stuff you want is not in stock XD

03 marts 2014

The Taobao order

I promised to post what I actually ordered from Taobao, so here it is:

 2 pairs of these cute white socks for Annabelle and Nellie

5 pairs of panties

A pink and a purple pair of shoes for Annabelle and Nellie

Two different pair of green glass eyes for Annabelle and Nellie

Grey glass eyes for Loki
Blue glass eyes for Lucy
(I did go after blue eyes with black pupils, but I fell in love with these, so I couldn't help myself)
Cute, blond bob styled wig for Lucy
(It was important to me, that the bob cut did not just look like a round blob on her head, but that it looked like an actual haircut)
I ended up buying 2 of these wigs for Annabelle and Nellie
(Originally I had planned on more fluffy-curly types of wigs, but this one was really cute so I decided to give it a try)

And finally I bought these two dresses for Annabelle and Nellie
As I wrote previously, I had imagined Annabelle in blue/mint colors, but these dresses fitted the idea I have of the girls much better than any pink & blue dresses (I needed the same dress in two different colors, so it was hard to decide on which to buy). I've gotten quite used to the idea of Annabelle wearing purple already. And maybe it makes it a little more 'twin'-like XD
(The hats and necklaces are included as well)

So yeah, this was a big order. I hope it will get past the customs once it is shipped, but I'm really looking forward to seeing the stuff IRL. Hope the standards are as my previous Taobao order. ^^

02 marts 2014

Quick update

Oh nooo..... it's been a while since I last wrote. School started, and I got quite busy, but hopefully I'll be more active now.
Just some quick news as I am going to bed in a minute: I've paid my last payment on my Peak's Woods layaway. I'm so excited! Hope I won't have to wait too long before they are shipped.
I sort of got a bit stressed at the fact the dollies (most of them) are 'on their way', so I kind of made this huge order at Taobaotrends for almost all the stuff I need for the new ones. I'm bad I know. Hope I have enough money for the rest of the month. XD
But now I can sleep at night :P Knowing they will not have to be butt naked when they come home :3
I'm still looking for the right wig for Loki, and still need to buy the shoes and uniforms for both Loki and Lucy, but other than that should be in the order I just made. Hope the eyes look just as awesome as on the pictures (I'll show what I ordered in the next post, when I have heard from Taobaotrends that they are able to order it all). ^^
I've actually ordered different eyes for Nellie and Annabelle. And their dresses will be different colors, but the same design. I was very in doubt about what to get for those two, as I imagined that it had to be pink and blue, but I've ordered dresses in purple and pink. Though it's another color for Annabelle, I'm sure she'll look awesome in purple. I've also ordered shoes that (hopefully) match the colors of the dresses pretty well. But I promise I'll post exactly what I've ordered and for whom in my next post. ;)