30 juli 2014

LE Wake Up Dlight

Today PW released promopictures of the new Limited Edition Wake Up Dlight - the Fairy of Diamond!
She is beautiful, but I must admit I'm not sold really. I think they will be releasing the promopictures of the open eyed version of Dlight tomorrow, so I'm not safe yet.

Peak's Woods has changed their rules a little this time - I wonder if they read the DoA threads about their dolls XD
They've never really had any rules about layaway payments, but this time it says your first deposit needs to be at least $200 if you want a Dlight on layaway. :O
I think because PW has grown more and more popular over the last year, that they need to control the layaways a bit more, but that is understandable.
Another thing - and this is why I was wondering if they read the threads on DoA - is that you can pay $40 extra and get the AB body, though only in white or normal skin. This has never been an option before, so it's quite interesting. ^^

But yeah, let's see what tomorrow brings - am I safe or not on August 1st. XD

27 juli 2014


I got confirmation today that Mr. AngelsDoll Michael had arrived safely at his new home in Germany. She sounded SO happy about him, it made my day. She told me she had lend his body to her friend to get his seams sanded, and that she would be sending his head to a German faceup artist next week. Pretty cool that she has it all planned already :D

A few days ago, a girl wrote me to ask if I was still selling my white DollHeart dress. I had actually sort of forgotten about that, and as I took it out from my closet I just fell in love with it again. So I had to tell the girl that I could not sell it to her. I just felt like it's too valuable a dress for the price people would be willing to pay. I understand that $100 is a lot of money for dolls clothes, but this set - if you see it irl - you would agree that it ought to cost at least twice. But that was not really why I couldn't sell it. It is actually sort of a grail set for me. I don't know why, but as I took it out I thought how much that dress was ME. The style, the colors, the theme it is all very like I used to design clothes back when I wanted to be a designer, so I've decided to keep the dress for the day - who knows when - where I'll have another SD-sized girl. :)

~ And I'm sort of afraid that I might actually get an SD-sized girl again sooner than I thought. Peak's Woods will be releasing their new limited FOC at the beginning of August - the Fairy of Diamond - which will be in a whole new (possibly exclusive) skin color. I'm just having this really weird feeling of her being my next big crush. XD It's super scary - I had told myself "No SD-sized girls!", but if she turns out to be a must have - I might just bite it down and order her on a loooong layaway plan (I love how flexible PWs layaway system is). But hopefully I won't even have to think that far...lalalah *runs off trying to look indifferent*

21 juli 2014

Beware of the bubble wrap mummy...

I went to the post office today to send Mr. AngelsDoll Michael to his new owner in Germany.
I think she will love his sexy ass to bits! :D

Now comes the time where I bite my nails and hope nothing messes up in the shipping process. I don't know why, but I get super nervous when shipping out stuff. I'm so afraid something could break ;___;" and if so I would feel so ashamed of myself.

So I really hope everything goes smoothly and he arrives as the tightly wrapped bubble mummy I shipped him as today XD

20 juli 2014

1000 visitors!!!

I just saw that I have exactly had 1000 visitors today! Just wanted to post a commemoration post :'D

Hope to be able to fill this blog with a bit more awesome stuff soon! ;)

Thank you <3

Progress - in a way

I've been on holidays around the country (visiting family) and have therefore been quite inactive in here. Hope to change that now that I am back :D

Yesterday I sold my AngelsDoll Michael to a sweet girl in Germany. She transferred the money instantly and so he will be shipped out to her tomorrow when the post office opens.

I'm really happy he will go to a new home, because I have no interest in keeping him as I don't want dolls his size now. So I'm glad to see him go.

The money for him will be my savings for other doll stuff, and guess what - I've already made a little (!) order from Taobao to celebrate (or something). XD

It's still pending, but I hope the items will be as follows:

This Angel Studio dress for Alice that I've been drooling about for some time now. I think it will bring out her lovely blue-grey skin more.

These shoes for Nellie seeing as her dress turned out orange and these will be better, I think, than the pink ones I got her earlier.

And I bought these - one number 02, and two number 01
I've read a lot of nice reviews about these, so I want to try them out - they are said to be a bit more firm in the brush and to keep their shape for a really long time.
Unfortunately these are extremely hard to get your hands on - at least where I'm from. Everywhere I looked they were out of stock. The seller on Taobao ships these from Korea, so that means I'll have to wait about a month before Taobao can ship this order to me. But oh well, I'll just have to practice with my other brushes.

I also added quite a few eyelashes. They didn't cost that much, but they are nice to have.

So that's it for this time. I think I need to sell the 'old' dress Alice had, because I don't think she is going to want to wear it when the white one comes home XD